Why Does Alpha Paving Have an Asphalt Milling Machine?

Professional asphalt contractors should be fully equipped to handle any job they accept. Along with having well-trained and experienced asphalt pavement workers, immediate access to the proper equipment is fundamental to ensure quality work and the success of the company.

Why Does Alpha Paving Have an Asphalt Milling Machine?

How Is It Advantageous for the Contractor Providing Your Asphalt Paving Services to Own His Milling Machine?

An asphalt milling machine is a complex and expensive piece of equipment to own. Paving companies that own their milling machines are responsible for its upkeep. By maintaining and operating the same milling machine, asphalt pavement workers become very familiar with it. Knowing their milling machine enables operators to perform milling procedures more effortlessly and achieve superior results consistently.

What Is a Milling Machine?

Milling machines are large pieces of heavy equipment that operators drive over an asphalt road, parking lot, or other pavement to remove a precise depth of existing asphalt pavement. One common reason for performing a milling operation is to prepare for the installation of an asphalt pavement overlay. There are also smaller milling machines for use on sidewalks, driveways, and similar pavements. Depending on the condition of the existing asphalt pavement, a milling machine can remove a shallow depth of damaged pavement or take it to the subbase.

An asphalt milling machine has a heavy steel drum that rotates and removes the desired thickness of asphalt pavement. Replaceable carbide tool heads attached to the steel drum do the actual cutting. Depending on the size and quantity of the tool heads on the drum, it is possible to produce a very smooth surface. The placement of the cutting tool heads along the drum is a specific spiral pattern that moves the removed asphalt toward the center of the drum for collection. A conveyor then carries the material to pre-positioned dump trucks at the end of the conveyor. Typically, the trucks carry the material to an asphalt recycling plant.

What Are the Uses of Asphalt Milling?

Because the depth of cutting can be so precise, milling machines are capable of performing numerous tasks. When installing an asphalt pavement overlay, the calibrated depth can ensure that the required thickness of new asphalt will be at the exact height of the old asphalt pavement. This keeps gutters, curb reveals, manhole covers, and drainage grates at the proper height. Milling machines can repair surface imperfections and improve grade, slope, and levelness issues. When properly used, a milling machine can improve the smoothness of driving on the finished asphalt pavement surface. Milling machines are also used to install rumble strips that alert drivers to upcoming conditions.

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