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Whatever your asphalt or concrete needs are, Alpha Paving Industries has you covered. We’re the trusted name for paving solutions in the Lone Star State.

Premium Pavement Solutions

ADA Parking Requirements

Keep your parking lot ADA-compliant so customers and guests can navigate it safely.

Asphalt Overlay

Strengthen cracked surfaces with a fresh layer of asphalt for enhanced longevity.

Asphalt Paving

Give your pavement new life with our asphalt paving services.
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Concrete & Curbing

Protect pedestrians from nearby traffic with our concrete and curbing solutions.
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Crack Filling

Fill pesky cracks as they appear to help your pavement last longer.
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Drainage & Utilities

Maintain proper water flow beneath the surface to prevent pavement erosion.

Milling & Reclamation

Take your old, worn pavement and make it new again.
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Patching & Pothole Repairs

Rid your pavement of potholes for bump-free travel.
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Pavement Markings

Enhance the organization and safety of your paved surface with parking spot lines, arrows, and crosswalk markings.

Road Construction

Enjoy high-quality roads that are safer and easier to navigate.
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Safety Features

Install bollards, signs, and other safety features to protect visitors from collisions and other dangers.


Apply a sealcoat to your paved surface to help it look better and last longer.

Speed Bump Installation

Protect pedestrians on your property by slowing the speed of traffic with speed bumps, humps, and cushions.
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Sports Courts and Specialty Coatings

Enhance the durability and performance of your basketball court, track, or tennis court.

Thermoplastic Pavement Markings

Organize the layout of your paved surface with more durable stripes, lines, and other markings.

The Alpha Paving Industries Promise

Our Services Are Comprehensive

We provide a range of asphalt and concrete services to address all your needs at once.

We Use Quality Materials

We use premium materials and proven methods to build pavements that last.

We Make Scheduling Convenient

In an industry not known for customer service, we break the mold and ensure a great experience.

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