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Road construction is the process of preparing and applying materials to create durable and safe pathways for vehicular and pedestrian traffic. It involves tasks such as removing old surfaces, establishing proper drainage systems, and applying new layers of materials like asphalt or concrete, followed by the installation of markings for guidance and safety.

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Our Road Construction Process


We assess drainage needs, grade, and compact the ground to establish a sound foundation.

Pavement Installation

We apply hot-mix asphalt or pour concrete onto the prepared roadbed, compacting the pavement material for optimal density and strength. We also install necessary joints and expansion joints to enhance durability and flexibility.

Finishing Touches

We apply pavement markings, conduct final inspections for quality and compliance, and complete necessary cleanup steps.

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We proudly serve clients in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and across the entire state of Texas.
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FAQs About Road Construction

Road construction involves removing old surfaces, establishing drainage systems, and applying new materials like asphalt or concrete. It also includes pavement markings for guidance and safety.

Alpha Paving ensures durability by assessing drainage needs, grading and compacting the ground, applying high-quality materials, and installing necessary joints and expansion joints for enhanced durability and flexibility.
Choosing Alpha Paving offers improved infrastructure, enhanced safety, economic growth, increased property values, environmental sustainability, and long-term durability.

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