Sports Courts & Specialty Coatings

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Sports Courts

Whether it’s basketball or tennis, we offer reliable solutions tailored to your sports court requirements. Our services maintenance, repair, and installation services utilize premium materials and cutting-edge techniques to ensure your courts look great and withstand years of rigorous use.

Specialty Coatings

We apply special coatings to safeguard your sports court against damage to extend its longevity. These coatings optimize grip, durability, and appearance, enhancing overall performance.

The Coating Process

Surface Preparation

We eliminate dirt, oil, grease, and other contaminants from the surface to ensure optimal adhesion.

Coating Application

We use spray, roll, or brush methods to apply the coating onto the pavement, layering multiple coats as needed to achieve the desired thickness.

Curing & Finishing

The coating forms a protective barrier against external elements such as water and temperature fluctuations. We then level the surface and apply a topcoat to bolster the pavement’s durability and lifespan.
Newly paved Sports Court

Key Benefits


SunShield Solar Reflective Coating reflects the sun’s heat from the pavement, rather than absorbing it, which reduces the temperature of the surface. This not only makes it cooler but safer for those who use sport courts for long periods of time such as band students or athletes. SunShield provides long lasting protection with non-fading color and increases the longevity of your pavement by five years.

SunShield has the ability to be made in any color, giving you the opportunity to match your brand or school colors.

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Key Benefits of SunShield

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