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Asphalt Crack Sealing Basics | Austin, TX, crack sealing austin, txOver time, cracks will develop in even properly installed, high-quality asphalt pavement. The most important thing is to address the issue of asphalt cracking as quickly as possible. Left unrepaired, asphalt cracking can lead to major repair costs, including the possibility of the total replacement of the asphalt pavement long before it should have been needed. Fortunately, asphalt crack filling can usually be done quickly and economically, substantially increasing the life of the asphalt pavement and saving the property owner a substantial amount of money in the long term.

Asphalt Crack Sealing Basics | Austin, TX | Why Crack Filling Is Essential

Cracks in the pavement’s surface allow water to penetrate to the underlying base and subbase that comprise the pavement’s supporting foundation. The flow of the water will destabilize the foundation, resulting in further deterioration of the pavement and the eventual failure of the base and subbase. Extensive damage to the pavement, including alligator cracking, depressions and potholes, can result, requiring the removal of existing pavement so that the foundation can be repaired.

A deteriorating asphalt surface is unsightly, but it can also present a dangerous environment for users. Cracks as well as potholes can pose tripping hazards to pedestrians. Damaged areas can also make the pavement less safe for drivers.

Make Crack Filling Part of Your Preventive Maintenance Plan

Implementing a regular schedule of preventive maintenance is perhaps the most important thing a property owner can do to ensure the longevity and safety of the asphalt pavement. At the first sign of asphalt cracking, having a professional and experienced contractor evaluate the issue and determine a course of action can greatly diminish subsequent damage. Crack filling should be performed on at least an annual basis and prior to having the asphalt pavement sealcoated — another extremely important preventive maintenance procedure.

Crack Repair Procedure

Only a knowledgeable and experienced asphalt contractor should be hired to evaluate, plan and carry out needed crack repairs. The methods and proper materials for each asphalt pavement repair must be precisely determined for the crack repair to be successful and long-lasting.

Many factors need to be considered before filling cracks in asphalt pavement. The contractor needs to evaluate the overall condition of the asphalt pavement, but he or she must also evaluate weather conditions, including the moisture, humidity and temperature. The nature of the crack, including whether it has stopped expanding or is actively growing, must be determined. These factors will help the contractor determine the exact procedure and materials used to fill the cracks.

Regardless of the exact procedure used, the cracks will need to be as clean and dry as possible for proper adhesion of the crack filling material to take place. Any moisture present in the cracks will have to be removed as well as all debris, including any vegetation that might be growing in the cracks, loose particles of asphalt, dirt, dust and rocks. The fill material needs to be used exactly as specified by the manufacturer to ensure the integrity and longevity of the repair.

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