How to Design an Asphalt Parking Lot | Austin, TX

How to Design an Asphalt Parking Lot | Austin, TXA well-constructed and properly designed asphalt parking lot can provide the customers and employees of a business with vehicular access that is stress-free, safe and orderly. Whether you are planning a new parking lot or need to adjust the layout of an existing lot, there are a few things that you need to consider.

How to Design an Asphalt Parking Lot | Austin, TX | What Purpose Will the Parking Lot Serve?

Will your parking lot be primarily for employees, or will most of the people parking in the lot be customers? Employees will tend to remain parked for hours at a time, but customers may be in and out within minutes. Angled parking spaces are better for lots with a great deal of turnover. Head-in parking spaces take up real estate, however, so they are often used for employee parking lots.

The type of vehicles driving across or parking in your lot must be considered when determining how thick the pavement should be and the way that traffic should flow. If usage will be restricted to passenger vehicles, the pavement does not need to be as thick as a pavement that must support buses and trucks as well as passenger vehicles. The traffic lanes will also need to be wider if the lot will be used by trucks and buses.

How Many Parking Spaces Do You Need?

The physical dimensions of your parking lot must be considered when deciding on the number of spaces to create. Some municipalities have codes that dictate how many spaces are required for specific businesses. You must also consider the regulations covering accessible parking spaces. Furthermore, you will need to determine how large each space must be to accommodate the specific needs of your customers. For example, if they will need room to maneuver shopping carts or luggage trolleys around their cars, the spaces may need to be longer or wider than would be required for a restaurant or accounting firm.

How Will Traffic Flow Through Your Parking Lot?

How many entrances and exits are there? Will drivers enter your lot and immediately park, or do you need to provide lanes for dropping off passengers? Where are the fire lanes and loading docks? Can traffic lanes allow vehicles traveling in both directions? Where must the handicapped spaces and access routes be located? After answering these questions, you may discover that you need to reduce the number of parking spaces to allow for these features.

What Special Features Will Be Included?

Do you plan to install traffic islands between the aisles for landscaping, security cameras or lighting? If there are no islands, do you want to install car stops? Will speed bumps be needed to help control speeding motorists? How will you handle drainage? For example, will you install perimeter curbs, trench drains, gutters or catch basins? Special features should be part of your plan from the very start to ensure a cohesive design that will require few adjustments as work progresses.

What Signs and Markings Do You Need?

Some pavement markings and parking lot signs are mandatory, including those that identify parking spaces for the disabled, and in some jurisdictions, crosswalks may be mandatory. Other signs and markings, however, are advisable even if they are not mandatory. Arrows directing the flow of traffic, stop signs located where two traffic aisles intersect and speed limit signs can help maintain order in your parking lot. You may also want to include signs or pavement markings to denote fire lanes, loading zones or other no-parking areas.

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