Asphalt Pavement Cost Benefits

Asphalt Pavement Cost Benefits,Asphalt pavement cost benefits in Austin, of course, the United States, has increases with each passing year. Asphalt pavement is durable and attractive, poses no environmental risks to the water system and is extremely cost-effective. What is it about asphalt pavement that makes it such a cost-effective choice?

Asphalt Pavement Cost Benefits-Its Effective AND Saves Money When Installed

When pavement is installed, contractors must base their costs on the total hours of labor required and the cost of materials as well as the costs of transporting materials, crews and equipment to the site. All of these costs will be substantially higher if concrete pavement is chosen instead of asphalt. Labor costs alone are often three times as much for concrete pavement than for asphalt pavement of a comparable size.

Asphalt Repairs Are Less Expensive

Regardless of whether concrete or asphalt is chosen for pavement, the pavement will need occasional repairs. Concrete repairs are labor-intensive and time-consuming, resulting in higher costs. Asphalt repairs are fast and easy, so you save money when it is time to mend your pavement.

Asphalt Pavement Saves Drivers Money

In addition to being cost-effective for those responsible for the installation and maintenance of pavement, asphalt pavement reduces the costs of those who drive on it. Asphalt pavement provides better fuel economy and less wear and tear on vehicles.

Asphalt Pavement Can Save Money in Other Ways Also

• Asphalt pavement is safer, reducing the potential liability for property owners
• Newly installed asphalt pavement can be placed in use quickly, thereby maximizing the return on investment
• Traffic disruptions can result in fewer sales and more complaints, but the speed of asphalt repairs results in less disruption to traffic

Environmental Impact of Concrete

The costs associated with damage to the environment are not easily quantified, but they exist. Concrete has a significant environmental impact. In fact, the concrete industry is the second-largest producer of carbon dioxide, generating as much as 5 percent of the world’s total man-made production of this greenhouse gas. Whether demolished intentionally or through a natural disaster, concrete dust can be released into the local atmosphere; concrete dust was found to be the primary source of dangerous air pollution after the Kobe earthquake of 1995.

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