Asphalt Paving

Asphalt paving is known for its durability and resilience. It is this strength which makes asphalt pavement the best and most popular choice for applications such as driveways, parking lots, roadways and airstrips. If properly maintained, it need not be replaced for 20 or more years.

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There are few things you can do to make your business or home look better and more professional than installing a fresh new asphalt surface. The rich black color and smooth texture leaves an outstanding impression.

Benefits of asphalt pavement include:

  • Construction Time – Asphalt paving is an efficient process that only takes 1-2 days for the typical size project.
  • Superior Finish – Asphalt’s smooth surface makes for a better driving experience than other types of pavement.
  • Maintenance & Repair – Asphalt maintenance and repair is inexpensive due to the cost of the materials. Asphalt is also a flexible material which allows it expand and contract with the seasons better than materials like concrete.
  • Low Investment – Asphalt paving is typically 30-40% less expensive than concrete.

When you install asphalt pavement, you benefit from the superior qualities of asphalt for 20 to 25 years. While asphalt requires annual maintenance to maximize its lifespan, the investment is far less expensive than other pavement types. To experience the benefits of asphalt paving in Austin, contact Alpha, the central Texas paving experts.

Alpha Paving Industries, LLC offers asphalt paving for commercial properties, residential driveways and municipalities. As the core service offered here at Alpha, we are dedicated to providing only the best finished product, installed precisely to your specification.

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