Asphalt Sealcoating | ACTS Church & EZ Storage

When preparing a quote, asphalt Sealcoating contractors must consider a variety of factors. One of these is what contractors refer to as the mobilization cost, which involves the expenses that the contractor will incur to transport his crew members, equipment and supplies to and from the job site. Travel time and fuel costs are two essential parts of mobilization expenses, so if a contractor can schedule multiple jobs in the same area on the same day, he can pass the savings on his mobilization costs on to his customers. At Alpha Paving, we experienced precisely this situation when two first-time customers in Lakeway, ACTS Church, and EZ Storage, sought our services.

Asphalt Sealcoating | ACTS Church & EZ Storage

How Did the Project in Lakeway Begin?

In October 2018, Bob Corless of ACTS Church contacted us to inquire about striping and sealing the church’s parking lot. We informed him that the sealcoating season was rapidly reaching an end; asphalt sealcoating is an extremely sensitive product, and results are difficult to guarantee if the temperature is too low. We explained that we would resume asphalt Sealcoating the following spring and submitted a proposal. Bob stated that he would budget the funds and contact us again in a few months.

Toward the end of February, Bob reached out to us again to let us know that he wanted to go forward with the work for the church. He also stated that the adjacent property, EZ Storage, shared a drive with the church and might be interested in having us perform similar work.

We quickly contacted Davis Johnson at EZ Storage, who explained that he wanted the same procedures that we would be providing for the church. We told Davis that we could give him the same prices as the church if both customers could schedule the work for the same time. Realizing how much money he could save, Davis agreed and signed our proposal.

What Was the Scope of the ACTS Church and EZ Storage Project in Lakeway?

The church’s pavement was approximately 29,000 square feet, and the pavement at EZ Storage was about 11,000 square feet. Since both customers understood the need to be proactive about maintaining their asphalt pavements, their pavements were in fair condition. We scheduled the work for April after the customers agreed to a date on which each could close his property for a day and a half during the week.

The weather was good on the appointed day, so we arrived early with a crew of six. Our team thoroughly cleaned the pavements before applying two coats of Jennite AE sealant. The job required 780 gallons of sealant for the church and 300 gallons for EZ Storage. Our crew finished the sealant applications in about eight hours. We barricaded the sites that afternoon, and the following day, we applied the striping and reopened the sites.

Both clients were pleased with the results, and both were also great to work with throughout the project. The job required a great deal of coordination, especially between the two customers, and their attitudes certainly made our job much more manageable.

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