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Unlike many towns in Central Texas, Horseshoe Bay can only trace its history to the latter part of the 20th century. Lake Lyndon B. Johnson, originally Lake Granite Shoals, did not exist until the completion of Granite Shoals Dam in 1950. More than 20 years later, Horseshoe Bay Resort, an upscale golf and lake resort, opened, and sales of lots for private homes began. When the city needed some asphalt maintenance work, they selected Alpha Paving for the project.

Asphalt Sealcoating | City of Horseshoe Bay | Alpha Paving

What Work Did Alpha Paving Perform for the City of Horseshoe Bay, Texas?

Over the years, we have completed numerous projects for Horseshoe Bay. As always, we carefully planned every detail of the Lighthouse project and worked closely with Tim Foran, the city’s director of public works. We provided the city with a detailed map of the work phases that they could distribute to residents. Alpha Paving provided all of the necessary barricades and traffic control devices.

The first step was to make repairs to the existing pavement before applying the sealer. There were areas in which the base had become destabilized, and a compromised base will not support a new pavement sealer. Therefore, the repairs were essential to ensure the longevity of the asphalt sealer. We repaired more than 3,430 square yards of pavement, including full-depth base repairs of approximately five inches.

After completing the asphalt repairs, we routed along the curb line and installed hot-pour joint sealant. The curb line is an essential area that novice contractors often overlook. Routing along the curb line helped remove all vegetation and prepared the joint for the sealant so that a better bond would form. Hot-pour joint sealant is a very durable product that helps prevent water infiltration anywhere that two pavements meet, including the point where a street meets the curb.

The final step was to apply Liquid Road Pavement Sealer. Liquid Road is a high-performance, fiber-reinforced sealer that is blended with special surfactants and polymers for superior durability, adhesion, and flexibility. It helps replenish the binder in asphalt pavement that is lost through weathering and oxidation while enhancing the pavement’s slip-resistant properties and giving the surface a dark, rich color. We applied almost 13,600 square yards of Liquid Road in three coats, consisting of two squeegee coats and a final spray coat.

Alpha Paving met all of the challenges associated with this project through careful planning and coordination. Our employees delivered quality results and maintained a safe environment for themselves as well as the community’s residents.

Why Is Alpha Paving a Leading Asphalt Contractor in Central Texas?

At Alpha Paving, our goals are simple. We want to install the best products for a specific job, deliver outstanding results, conduct our business with integrity and professionalism, provide superior customer service, and win customers for life. Alpha Paving is a  full-service paving contractor, offering asphalt sealcoating, road construction, asphalt milling, street maintenance, asphalt repairs, asphalt overlays, asphalt paving, thermoplastic pavement markings, parking lot striping and marking, speed bumps, parking lot signs, car stops, concrete installation, and concrete repairs. Our clients include municipalities and counties, airports, apartment complexes, subdivisions, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, grocery stores, warehouses, commercial property management firms, shopping centers, churches, hotels, manufacturing facilities, and educational institutions. If you are interested in obtaining a free quote, you can call our office at 512-677-9001 or submit our handy online form.


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