Why Is Pavement Maintenance Important?

Why Is Pavement Maintenance Important? austin pavement maintenance

Why Is Pavement Maintenance Important? austin pavement maintenance It is difficult to think of anything that will not have a longer life with fewer problems if it receives the proper maintenance. Routine examinations help physicians and dentists identify issues early so that they and their patients can take corrective actions to avoid more serious problems. Cleaning or changing the filters on your heating and cooling system can help it operate more efficiently and prolong its life. Taking your vehicle in for oil changes, tire rotations, and other preventive maintenance services can help you avoid expensive repairs, obtain better gas mileage, and ensure that you have dependable transportation. Similarly, Austin paving contractors know that your asphalt pavement will require fewer major repairs and have a much longer life if you ensure that it receives the proper maintenance.

Why Is Pavement Maintenance Important? 

What Is Proper Asphalt Pavement Maintenance?

 An effective maintenance program for asphalt pavements includes regular inspections, timely repairs, and procedures to prevent damage. If you ask your contractor to inspect and assess your pavement condition every six months, he can catch minor issues before they become major headaches. For example, he might identify small depressions in the pavement’s surface that could turn into potholes if you do not repair them. He could identify cracks that you need to fix if you want to avoid damage to the foundation that supports your pavement. He may recommend applying sealcoating to protect your pavement from the ravages of the sun and automotive fluids. He may notice that your parking lot striping and markings have faded so badly that they are making your lot less safe. He may recommend installing additional parking lot signs or replacing existing signs that are faded or damaged. 

What Will Happen to My Asphalt Pavement Without Proper Maintenance?

 The short answer is that you will need to reconstruct your pavement two or three times as frequently. Asphalt sealing and crack repair are two very economical and extremely effective maintenance procedures. Local asphalt paving companies know that a pavement that never receives these two procedures can require a complete reconstruction in less than eight years. An identical pavement that receives timely crack repairs and periodic sealcoating can last 15 or 20 years before it needs resurfacing. Resurfacing your pavement can give you many more years of service, but resurfacing costs much less than reconstruction. If you want to save money, ensure that your property presents the proper image, and make your pavement safer for those who use it, you should consider a professional maintenance plan. 

Can Alpha Paving Help Me Maintain My Asphalt Pavement?

 Alpha Paving is a full-service, well-respected paving company with its home office in Round Rock. Our services include asphalt sealing, crack repairs, parking lot signs, asphalt paving and resurfacing, pothole repairs, parking lot striping, asphalt milling, street maintenance, thermoplastic pavement markings, road construction, speed bump installations, parking lot car stops, and concrete work. Our clients include grocery stores and other retailers, subdivisions, public and private schools and universities, HOAs, hospitals and other health care facilities, churches, apartment complexes, local governments, airports, recreational and entertainment venues, industrial facilities, and office complexes. Our crews are known for the exceptional quality of their work and their professionalism. To receive a free quote, call 512-677-9001 or submit the online request form.

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