Benefits of Asphalt Milling

Benefits of Asphalt Milling, asphalt contractors austin txWhen asphalt pavement needs replacement, you cannot just add new asphalt over the existing pavement. If you did, the pavement height would be increased the benefits of Asphalt Milling to the point that gutters, curbs and connecting pavements would be dramatically affected. Instead, the old pavement needs to be removed so that the height of the pavement remains correct. There are two methods of removing the existing pavement. Heavy equipment can be brought in to remove it, or it can be removed through milling. Milling offers several advantages over traditional methods of removal.

Benefits of Asphalt Milling – What It Means


With milling, the amount of pavement removed can be very precise. For example, if only the top layer requires replacement, the milling machine can be set to remove just that layer. With traditional removal methods, all layers of the pavement are typically removed.


Milling is usually faster than removing pavement the traditional way. This means that your parking lot or street can be reopened sooner and that there will be less disruption to traffic.


Milling is more economical than traditional removal.

• Because just the affected layers can be removed, it will be less expensive to repave.
• Trucking charges will be less to deliver the reduced amount of asphalt as well as to haul the old asphalt away.
• It is sometimes possible to recycle the milled asphalt on-site, reducing costs even more.
• Contractors can often charge lower labor costs due to the reduced time that the crew must spend on the job.

Less Stress on Foundation

With traditional removal methods, heavy equipment may need to pass over the area as many as 10 times. Each pass can place stress on the foundation and “squeeze” moisture upward. If this happens, the contractor will have to perform additional work, increasing your costs and delaying completion, or he will have to pave over unsuitable ground, leaving you with a job that will not hold up as it should. With milling, the equipment typically needs to make only two passes, reducing the possibility of a stressed foundation.

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