Closing My Business For Paving Or Sealcoating

Closing My Business For Paving Or SealcoatingWhether you are having your parking lot paved or sealcoated, the asphalt contractor will need to close it to traffic for a certain period of time. However, contractors are accustomed to working with customers to establish a plan that will keep the disruption of traffic to a minimum. The specifics of the plan vary by parking lot, weather and customer needs, but it may include either or both of the following.  Austin paving contractors are prepared to handle these issues.

Closing My Business For Paving Or Sealcoating

• It is often possible to schedule work for times when your business is closed or receives minimal traffic. The contractor may be able to handle the job at night or on weekends or holidays.
• Depending on the size of the parking lot, the amount of traffic and the number of entrances and exits, it might be possible to perform the work in sections. As a rule, the larger the lot, the better the chances of dividing the work area and completing one (or more) sections before moving to the next. This keeps at least part of your lot open to traffic.

When sealcoating is involved, you can normally open the area to pedestrians within a few hours, depending on the weather conditions and the type of sealant used. Vehicles, however, should not be allowed to drive on the freshly sealed asphalt until the next day. For freshly paved areas, the typical curing time is 24 hours for both vehicles and pedestrians, but it is always best to ask your contractor since the time can vary with the weather or with the type of traffic that the lot must bear.

Keep in mind that sprinkler systems will need to be deactivated while the work is performed and during the curing process. Also, the contractor’s crew will need access to all areas that are to be paved or sealcoated, so if part of the lot is behind a locked gate or fence, you might need to have a representative available to unlock the area if work is to be done outside of your normal business hours.

Alpha Paving Industries would be happy to work out a plan to pave or sealcoat your parking lot so that disruptions to you and your business are kept to a minimum. We offer a full range of asphalt installation, parking lot restripe and maintenance services to customers in the greater Austin area and many locations in Central Texas. Our crews have the skills, experience and training to provide quality work at affordable prices. You can use our online form to request a free quote, or if you prefer, you can call us at 512- 677-9001.

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