How Commercial Asphalt Maintenance Can Save You Money

How Commercial Asphalt Maintenance Can Save You Money, asphalt paving austin texas

When they award a contract for a new or a replacement pavement, businesses are typically looking to optimize the return on their investment. Most companies treat a parking lot like a capital investment that they can depreciate over several years. This means that they do not have to recognize the full cost as an expense in the accounting period that they installed the pavement. However, if they must replace the asphalt pavement before it reaches its expected life, they usually must recognize the undepreciated balance in the current year, which can play havoc with their profit and loss statement. Although most accountants dislike accelerating the depreciation of capital assets, they usually dislike monetary waste even more. If you want to optimize the return on your pavement investment — and keep your accountant happier — while saving money on repairs, the key is to be proactive about your asphalt maintenance.

How Commercial Asphalt Maintenance Can Save You Money

How Much Can You Save By Maintaining Your Asphalt Pavement Properly?

The exact amount of your savings will depend on the use your pavement receives, the square footage of your pavement, and the age and condition of your pavement when you initiate a maintenance program. However, numerous studies indicate that every dollar you spend to maintain your asphalt pavement will save you $4 to $10 in the future. These estimates do not include potential revenue that you could lose while your pavement undergoes major reconstruction. Even municipalities undergoing extensive asphalt road construction to replace pavements that have suffered premature failure can lose tax revenue if shoppers take their business to another town with easier access and fewer traffic jams.

What Should You Include in a Commercial Asphalt Maintenance Plan?

No two plans are identical, so it is crucial that you choose a reputable contractor to perform your asphalt maintenance. An experienced contractor can advise you on the specific procedures for your pavement. However, a proactive plan will typically include all or most of the following maintenance procedures.

1. Asphalt crack repair should be at the top of your list. Cracks permit water to seep beneath the pavement. This erodes the foundation, and when the water freezes, the expanding ice will inflict even more damage. Furthermore, virtually all cracks will keep growing in length, width and depth, increasing the amount of water that can enter. Instead of a few economical crack repairs, you could end up paying more money to repair potholes, alligator cracks or even your entire pavement.
2. Sealcoating is another economical procedure that has the potential to double the life of your asphalt pavement. The sturdy, rigid shell formed by sealcoating resists damage from the sun, vehicles, automotive fluid and chemicals. Also, sealcoating darkens the color of faded asphalt pavement and fills minor surface flaws.
3. When it comes to asphalt repair, it is always better to take action early than to wait. It is less expensive to repair one shallow pothole or a small section of alligatored asphalt than it is to fix a dozen deep potholes or a large section of alligatored asphalt. Furthermore, addressing problems early reduces the likelihood that you will need extensive foundation repairs.
4. Even with a good maintenance plan, the time may come when an aging pavement is too far gone to make repairs cost-effective. If the foundation is relatively stable, you may be able to choose an asphalt overlay instead of a total reconstruction. Overlays are much less expensive than reconstructions, but they look and last about the same.

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