Crack filling…does it really work?

Crack filling...does it really work?Although asphalt is sturdy, it can crack. Fortunately, it is rarely necessary to install entirely new paving when openings occur. Frequently, asphalt cracks can be cost-effectively repaired by filling and sealing the ruptures. However, customers who have cracked paving want to ensure that filling their asphalt cracks will increase the life of their paving.

Crack filling…does it really work?

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) collaborated to investigate whether crack repair extends the usability of asphalt. Researchers evaluated repaired surfaces before confirming that filling and sealing the breakage can prolong the life of paving.

In order to ensure favorable repair results, it is essential to use a skilled contractor who has experience inspecting damaged asphalt and identifying the best way to repair it. Numerous factors impact the type of material a contractor will use to fill the crack and the repair method.

Customers who need to repair asphalt feel confident when they use Alpha Paving Industries in Austin, Texas because our contractors know how to evaluate asphalt damage. As an award-winning business, we deliver exceptional service and advice about paving repair. Alpha’s contractors perform onsite surface and crack inspections. Then we identify whether the cracks are stagnant or active and discuss your anticipated use of the surface. The crack’s condition, structural support, and many other factors help our contractors determine how to skillfully fill and seal the cracks.

Alpha’s customer service matches their competency. We will maintain and repair your asphalt when it is least disruptive to your business or activities.

Whether you need asphalt filling and sealing, general asphalt maintenance, parking lot striping, or new paving, Alpha Paving provides one-stop shopping for servicing old asphalt or installing new paving. Contact us at 512-677-9001, or fill out the convenient form on our website to receive a fast estimate.


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