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Round Rock and is the home of the Round Rock Express, a minor-league affiliate team of the Texas Rangers. In addition to hosting the baseball team’s home games, Dell Diamond is also home to a number of festivals, carnivals and other special events. When the city needed the parking lot at Dell Diamond sealcoated, they ultimately awarded the bid to Alpha Paving Industries.

Dell Diamond | Round Rock, TX- The Scope of the Job

The job at Dell Diamond presented numerous challenges. The city wanted a primer coat plus three full coats of sealant; most parking lots require only two coats of sealant, but the city chose the top-of-the-line method to achieve maximum longevity for the pavement as well as the sealcoating. Although Alpha had bid the job based on rotating open sections over a period of four days, the city delivered a different plan at the pre-con meeting, adding additional complications. The city had devised an elaborate plan involving rotating areas that would require working around scheduled events, extending the time needed for the sealcoating to six days.

Extending the work to six days would have reduced the productivity of the workers, prevented the use of vital equipment for other jobs and resulted in additional costs for Alpha. The company reevaluated its equipment and manpower, the weather and the logistics of the job to offer an alternative. If the city could find two days during which they could close the parking lot and park entirely, Alpha could complete approximately 90 percent of the work during that time; the remainder of the job could be completed later as activities at the park permitted. The city accepted Alpha’s plan.

More than 30 days before the sealcoating was to begin, Alpha began repairing over 50 patches that were up to 12 inches in depth. The repairs required almost 600 tons of material. By performing the repairs in advance, the new asphalt had adequate time to cure prior to sealcoating.

When the sealcoating job began, workers arrived at 4 a.m. to perform tasks other than applying the sealant, including cleaning the pavement and performing hand work. Around 8 a.m., the temperature reached the desired mark, allowing the application of the sealcoating. Work continued until dark on both days.

In total, Alpha Paving applied 24,500 gallons of sealcoating in two days. On the first day, they applied 15,570 gallons of sealcoating, breaking their own record for the most gallons applied in a single day.

The job required precise scheduling of workers, equipment and deliveries. The company brought two spray trucks that each had a capacity of 3,175 gallons. The sealant was mixed at either the supplier’s location or in the two 8,000-gallon tanks located at Alpha’s yard; no raw material was stored at the work site.

Despite the tight deadline, Alpha Paving was able to deliver exceptional results within the allotted time and within budget. It would be fair to say that Alpha truly “hit a home run” with this job, providing the city with an attractive parking lot that has maximum protection against the elements.

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