Describe Sealcoating Versus Asphalt Overlay

Business owners and homeowners who are not familiar with the properties of asphalt may be unaware of how to care for it. When individuals are deciding between a sealcoating project and a complete asphalt overlay, they will want to consider the current condition of the pavement before they begin. A formal inspection of the lot will allow them to choose the best possible maintenance technique going forward.

Describe Sealcoating Versus Asphalt Overlay

An asphalt overlay is usually a good idea when the pavement has become riddled with unsightly alligator cracks. If the cracks themselves are quite wide and run for several feet in different directions, then sealcoating will be ineffective. When all other maintenance techniques have been tried, lot owners will find it more cost effective to place asphalt on top of, or completely replace the existing pavement. In some instances, our team will use an asphalt milling machine to “shave off” the older material so that the new asphalt depth will match the nearby curbs and gutters.


Sealcoating is a technique that is best used on driveways and parking lots that have been paved for at least 90 days. To give the pavement maximum protection, individuals will want to begin the sealcoating as early as possible. Crack sealing and pothole filling are also excellent maintenance techniques that will serve the asphalt well in the coming years. Preventive maintenance is much less expensive than comprehensive repair work and should be performed regularly to get the best return on your investment.

In summary, it is best to consider asphalt paving as a “repair” technique to be used later in the life of your pavement – and only when necessary. Asphalt sealcoating is a maintenance technique that should be used throughout the life of your pavement along with crack sealing to extend its life and protect your investment. Call us to learn more.

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