Driveway Overlay | Asphalt Paving | Marble Falls, Texas

Located about 60 miles from Austin, the town of Marble Falls lies in one of the most scenic parts of the Texas Hill Country. Therefore, when a call came from a first-time customer and resident of Marble Falls, Rickey Arguijo, one of Alpha’s estimators, was happy to make the trip. The call was from a homeowner who needed help with his driveway.

Driveway Overlay | Asphalt Paving | Marble Falls, Texas

What Did the Estimator Discover About the Driveway in Marble Falls?

The homeowner has a long driveway that he shares with the owner of a water well drilling service. As you might expect, the drilling company operates some heavy trucks, and these heavyweight trucks had inflicted significant damage on the driveway and aged it prematurely. Rickey’s photographs substantiated the fact that the driveway was in rough condition, and it looked as if it had never received professional maintenance.

What Work Did Alpha Paving Perform?

The homeowner was interested in having us install an asphalt overlay. First, however, we needed to remove approximately 4,000 square feet of existing pavement that had failed and replace the asphalt pavement. Only then could we install the overlay.

The overlay required 240 tons of Type D asphalt, which we chose due to its suitability for the usage it would receive as well as for its economical cost. We installed an overlay that covered approximately 20,000 square feet and was 1.5 inches in depth.

We completed the work in one day. As always, we made sure that the customer was happy when we finished the job.

The condition of the driveway before we began work was yet more proof of the need to engineer every asphalt pavement for the weight and volume of traffic that it is expected to receive. It was also additional proof of the need for timely repairs and preventive maintenance. If the damage had been more extensive, it might have been impossible to install an overlay, and the homeowner could have been facing a complete reconstruction of the driveway at a significantly higher cost.

What Can Alpha Paving Do for You?

Alpha Paving is a full-service paving company serving Austin and Central Texas. Our services include street maintenance, asphalt paving, road construction, asphalt overlays, parking lot striping, asphalt milling, asphalt sealcoating, asphalt repairs, thermoplastic pavement markings, parking lot maintenance, speed bump installations, car stop installations, concrete repairs, parking lot signs and concrete installations. Our customers include many commercial property management firms, municipalities, retailers, shopping centers, counties, apartment complexes, hotels, subdivisions, colleges and universities, hospitals, industrial facilities, airports, homeowner associations, nursing homes, office parks, condominium boards, churches, entertainment venues, and schools.

At Alpha, we have earned an exemplary reputation by providing work that is of exceptional quality and extraordinary customer service. However, our rates are remarkably reasonable. We will work with you to determine the best solution for your needs and your budget. We make it easy for you to request a free quote; all you need do is either call our office at 512-677-9001 or fill out the form found on our website.


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