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Ranked as one of the finest golf communities in Texas, Escondido lies on the shores of Lake Lyndon B. Johnson in Horseshoe Bay. Residents of this upscale community enjoy the scenic beauty of the Texas Hill Country, a highly ranked golf course, and numerous opportunities to enjoy the many amenities and events that the community offers or sponsors. The community has been one of Alpha Paving’s recurring customers for the last four years, and in 2019, the Escondido HOA asked us to help with their paving needs.

What Was Alpha Paving’s Role in the Escondido Project?

We were the prime contractor and did not have a subcontractor. We worked closely with Carrie Foran, the property manager, to ensure that residents encountered as little disruption as possible.

The work was part of the community’s annual maintenance program. As an upscale community, the roads need to be aesthetically pleasing as well as long-lived. The HOA knows that a professional maintenance program is essential to ensuring both longevity and appearance.

We divided the work into a series of steps that we completed over four days. We performed all work during normal business hours so that we could give the residents full access after 5 p.m.

1. In a single day, we made eight asphalt repairs that varied between two and four inches in depth.
2. We performed crack filling operations on approximately 6,000 linear feet of pavement on Plaza Escondido Street, completing the work in one day.
3. Over two days, we applied approximately 3,500 gallons of Jennite AE, a premium sealcoating product, to cover about 133,000 square feet of pavement.

The project was not without its challenges. The HOA requested that we ensure access to the golf clubhouse, so we divided Plaza Escondido in half to keep half of the street open at all times. This required a traffic control flagging operation to help prevent accidents and keep the flow of traffic moving properly.

Due to our extensive experience, we knew that communication would be critical if the project were to progress satisfactorily and cause residents the least inconvenience possible. We worked with the management staff to create phasing maps and ensure effective communication. A week before the sealcoating, all residents on Plaza Escondido received notification of the project so that they could make any necessary adjustments.

As usual, our crew members performed admirably. They delivered high-quality work in a truly professional manner, and they were vigilant about the safety of residents as well as the safety of their coworkers.

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