Handicap-Accessible Parking Spaces

Handicap-Accessible Parking SpacesThe Americans with Disabilities Act uses the size of your parking lot to determine the minimum number of handicap-accessible spaces. Lots with up to 25 stalls only need to have a single disabled parking zone. The requirements become more complex when you have 26 or more stalls.

Handicap-Accessible Parking Spaces

Each block of 25 spaces will necessitate one disabled parking spot. The stall requirement increases every time you add a new 25-space block. For instance, your lot needs three accessible zones if it has a total of 51 stalls. The ADA requires four disabled parking zones when there are more than 76 but less than 101 spaces.

After the total reaches 101, you only need one accessible space for every 100 additional stalls. Different rules apply if you have a very large parking area. A lot that holds over 500 cars must devote 2 percent of the spaces to handicap-accessible parking. If your lot has 800 stalls, it needs to supply 16 spaces for disabled customers.

Federal law applies the same requirements to all parking lots that have more than 1,000 spaces. They need to provide 20 accessible spaces, plus one disabled zone for every 100 stalls in excess of 1,000. For example, a lot with a vehicle capacity of 1,650 should establish 26 accessible zones.

It is also vital to have sufficient van-accessible parking spaces. These zones provide larger access areas and adequate clearance for large vans. Lots with up to 400 stalls only need one space of this type; it may be the only handicap-accessible spot. The ADA requires an additional van stall for lots that hold 401 to 500 cars. If your lot has over 500 spaces, one of every eight disabled parking zones must accommodate vans.

Handicap-accessible spaces need to have the appropriate signs and pavement stripes. Alpha Paving Industries provides professional paving in Austin, Tx , also, we do crack repair, striping and sandblasting. For more information, please call 512-677-9001 or use our free quote form.

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