Highland Boulevard | Asphalt Milling | Lakeway, TX

Residents of Lakeway, TX enjoy abundant streams, a temperate climate and ample wildlife. The town was founded in 1962 and officially incorporated in 1974. As of 1980, Lakeway had fewer than 800 residents, but the village experienced significant growth during the following decades. The population is currently estimated at more than 14,600, and there are indications that the town will continue to grow. Like most communities experiencing rapid growth, Lakeway pays special attention to the condition of its streets. When city officials identified an asphalt paving safety issue on Highlands Boulevard, they turned to Alpha Paving for assistance.

Highland Boulevard | Asphalt Milling | Lakeway, TX

The terrain in Lakeway is similar to that in many towns in the heart of Texas Hill Country. Short expanses of relatively flat land are punctuated by hills that range from a gentle rise to a steep slope. Although Highlands Boulevard is a major thoroughfare, it was constructed with some rather steep grades for an urban street. The amount of slope was causing vehicles traveling up and down this busy street to lose traction.

What Was the Solution?

After reviewing all options, Lakeway officials chose a process called texture milling. This process creates a rougher surface that can greatly improve traction. Alpha Paving was contracted to mechanically mill the asphalt to an approximate depth of a quarter inch, remove the materials and clean up the site.

It was extremely important to maintain traffic access during the work. Therefore, traffic control procedures received a great deal of attention. Alpha’s team worked very closely with Dale Delong, the public works director for Lakeway. This communication was the key to minimizing the inconvenience for the many residents who travel on Highlands Boulevard daily.

The job was completed in a single day. We were pleased to provide yet another municipality with quality work that adhered to the schedule and remained within budget.

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