How Does Hot Weather Affect Asphalt Parking Lots?

How Does Hot Weather Affect Asphalt Parking Lots, asphalt paving austin

How Does Hot Weather Affect Asphalt Parking Lots, asphalt paving austinSummers in Central Texas can be extremely hot, and it is anyone’s guess whether there will be torrential downpours or little or no rain. Although asphalt pavement is remarkably resilient and durable, hot weather can pose a threat to its integrity. If you want to protect your parking lot, the best thing you can do is stay on top of your asphalt maintenance.

How Does Hot Weather Affect Asphalt Parking Lots?

What Damage Might Summer Weather Inflict on an Asphalt Parking Lot?

Asphalt pavements contract in cold weather and expand in hot weather. During the summer, you may notice that existing cracks are growing wider and longer, or you may find that new cracks have developed. The UV rays from the sun can fade your parking lot striping and the color of your pavement. Since UV rays also dry out asphalt pavement, your parking lot will be more susceptible to cracking. If it is a dry summer, the soil beneath your parking lot may contract, resulting in empty pockets beneath your pavement that can turn into sinkholes or potholes. If it is an average summer, the rain can penetrate any open cracks or other breaks, trickle-down through the pavement, and destabilize the foundation. Since the tires on the vehicles using your parking lot will also be hot, regular traffic can tear chunks of pavement from damaged areas or spots softened by leaked automotive fluids.

Which Maintenance Procedures Help Protect Asphalt Parking Lots During the Summer Months?

Regardless of the season, an effective maintenance program will help protect your asphalt parking lot. A good preventive maintenance program should include repairing cracks and other pavement breaks, removing automotive fluids, keeping your pavement free from debris, and applying sealcoating every two years or so. Repairing breaks in your pavement helps prevent water infiltration. Removing automotive fluids helps prevent an interaction that can soften your pavement. Removing debris prevents water from being trapped next to your pavement. Sealcoating blocks UV rays, helps reduce tire scuffing or damage and restores the color to faded asphalt. It would be best if you planned on new stripes and markings after sealcoating; a sealant will cover your existing markings.

If a Parking Lot Has Numerous Repairs, Is There an Alternative to a Reconstruction?

It may be possible to install an asphalt overlay instead of rebuilding your parking lot. The pavement’s foundation should be relatively stable, so you will need to contact a reputable asphalt paving company to evaluate the feasibility of an overlay. The contractor will mill the existing pavement to remove the correct depth of pavement; the removed material will be sent to an asphalt recycling plant. Your contractor will then apply and compact the required number of asphalt courses to restore the pavement to its proper elevation. Overlays are similar to new pavements in terms of appearance, and they can have the same life if they are given proper maintenance.

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