How Much does Asphalt Paving Cost?

How Much does Asphalt Paving Cost? austin paving contractorA variety of factors affect the cost of asphalt paving, so companies like Alpha Paving Industries, LLC are unable to charge flat rates for this type of work. You can get a rough idea about where your job will fall on the scale by understanding the types of things that have an impact on asphalt paving cost, which include:

  • Cost of Materials and Labor – There are specific costs attached to the asphalt and other materials that will be used to pave your parking lot. The cost of the labor that’s needed to get the job done must be considered too.
  • Size – The larger the parking lot is going to be, the more materials that will need to be used. More time will be required as well, which means more labor. Therefore, larger jobs cost more.
  • Preparation – Will old asphalt need to be removed before the work can begin? This will increase your asphalt paving costs. If the area needs to be graded first to ensure a strong foundation, the price will increase too. The same is true if a gravel base needs to be laid down for effective drainage.
  • Traffic – The more heavily trafficked your parking lot will be, the thicker the asphalt will need to be, which means more materials will need to be used.
  • Extras – Extras like curbs, speed bumps and signs increase the cost of asphalt paving as well.

Alpha Paving Industries, LLC provides affordable, high-quality asphalt paving services to businesses and homes in and around Austin, Texas. Our company is also available for asphalt maintenance and repair work. When you hire us, you can rest assured that you will get the fairest and most competitive price. Alpha Paving…the trusted asphalt contractor in Austin!

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