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Most of the time, striping parking spaces and applying pavement markings are routine tasks that have little variance between parking lots. The basic color palette usually is yellow, white and blue. Stencils used to mark accessible parking spaces and apply other pavement markings are typically standardized items. Every once in a while, however, a project comes up that allows us to step outside of our normal routine. That is precisely what happened when we were asked to redo the parking lot at the Lyft driver’s hub in Austin.

Lyft | Austin Parking Lot | Alpha Paving

What Was Involved With the Lyft Parking Lot Project?

The Lyft driver’s hub is where applicants can deliver the documents they need to provide if they want to drive for Lyft. It is also where drivers can go if they have questions or need assistance. Therefore, the parking area is relatively small. Nevertheless, the project offered some unique challenges that offered us a bit of fun.

If you have ever hailed a ride with Lyft or seen their logo, you may already be familiar with the shade of pink that the company uses. This is far from any standard color of pavement paint offered by suppliers, but since it was the color that Lyft wanted for their parking lot paint, we placed a custom order. Lyft also wanted us to install a stencil bearing the company logo in each parking space. Like the paint, we had to place a custom order for the stencils. We painted each parking spot and installed the custom stencils and wheel stops.

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