Medical Arts Square | Austin, Texas

At Alpha Paving, we know that some jobs can go from initial contact to completion in less than a week, but there are times when the customer is not ready to proceed for months or even years after the initial call. Therefore, we keep excellent records on previous contacts and proposals, and we never pressure potential customers to act before they are ready. In 2019, we completed a project that we had initially quoted approximately three years earlier.

Medical Arts Square | Austin, Texas

What Is the History of the Work Alpha Paving Performed at Medical Arts Square?

Medical Arts Square is home to about 20 small offices for medical practitioners in Austin, TX.  The buildings form a square with a shared parking lot in the middle. It is an older site, and the asphalt parking lot was part of the original construction. In 2016, a doctor with offices at Medical Arts Square called to discuss some parking lot repairs. We met at the site, and I tendered a proposal for the necessary asphalt repairs, sealcoating, and fresh striping.

In 2018, we received a call from a different physician.  She apologized for the slow response, explaining that it was difficult to obtain agreement between all the doctors on the scope of the work.  We created a revised scope and proposal. She later called to tell us that she was presenting the proposal, but she was still getting some questions. After a few months passed, she let me know that I would be working with another doctor.

By the end of 2018, I had begun exchanging emails with another doctor. He had a few additional ideas, but he stated that the doctors could not agree on a date. Saturdays were the only days that would work, but since fans attending football games at the nearby University of Texas stadium often parked in the lot, autumn would not be a suitable season. The year ended without a signed agreement.

We revised the proposal again at the beginning of 2019. Dr. Cantu signed for us to repair, sealcoat, and stripe the parking lot, and we selected a date to perform the repairs. Since the offices are mostly closed on weekends, we had only a few cars to work around, and we were able to complete all repairs in one long day. The repairs consisted of 9,174 square feet of patchwork to a depth of two inches, requiring 120 tons of asphalt.

The next challenge was to select a time for sealing and striping the lot. Many of the doctors objected when told that they would be unable to drive on their parking lot for two days. After rescheduling once, the doctors informed us that the rest of the work would have to wait until summer. We complied with their wishes, scheduling the work to begin on the second day of summer.

With the help of Dr. Cantu and the maps we prepared, we achieved the complete cooperation of all offices. We completed the sealcoating on Saturday and the striping on Sunday. There is a large live oak tree outside Dr. Cantu’s office that is between 200 and 300 years old. He is very proud and protective of this tree, and he was worried about delivery trucks hitting its branches. Therefore, about 100 feet from the tree, we applied a stencil that warned of the low clearance, making Dr. Cantu even happier with our work.

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