Municipal Paving Practices

Municipal Paving Practices, paving austin txWhen you are responsible for your city’s paving projects, you have to ensure that you spend the allocated funds wisely. It is critical that the contractor you select will deliver quality results while staying within your budget. However, you cannot assume that the lowest bid will be the one to choose, especially if it is substantially less than the other bids you received. An extremely low bid may not be a value; it can represent an unscrupulous or inexperienced contractor who may cut corners, substitute materials or disappear as soon as you remit payment. Should the work prove defective, you might not be able to locate the contractor, leaving you with little recourse other than to hire another company to repair or replace his work. The following advice can help you ensure that you hire the right contractor for your municipal paving projects.

Municipal Paving Practices – Determine the Contractor’s Experience

Installing new pavement on a busy street is a far cry from paving a homeowner’s driveway. An experienced contractor understands the special considerations involved when completing municipal projects, including any applicable regulations.

Ask the Contractor to Justify the Materials Selected

If you provide detailed, precise specifications for the project, your contractor should be able to identify any potential issues and justify his recommendations for changing the specs. If you specify a range of suitable materials, he should be able to support his reasons for choosing certain materials over the others.

Insist on Proof of Insurance

The contractor should carry workers’ compensation insurance that covers each of his employees. He should have a substantial general liability policy, and an umbrella policy would be nice as well. Every one of his vehicles that will be on the site should be properly insured. Ask for proof of insurance; you might want to contact the insurance company to make sure that the policy has not lapsed or been canceled.

Ask the Contractor to Explain Certain Processes

Drainage is critical in Central Texas, so ask the contractor how he plans to ensure that the pavement will drain properly. Ask about his compaction processes for the subgrade as well as for asphalt pavement; poor compaction can lead to early failure of the pavement. Ask the contractor to explain how he will manage traffic detours or close the area to ensure that his workers, as well as drivers and pedestrians, will be safe. If the bid includes any kind of preventive maintenance, ask him to specify the types of procedures included and how he will perform them.

Ask About His Equipment and Staffing

Municipal projects often require contractors to adhere to a strict schedule. If the contractor does not maintain his equipment or have sufficient personnel, your project could be delayed. It is also essential that he owns the right type of equipment for the scope of your project; relying on leased or borrowed equipment can result in delays. Furthermore, you want to choose a contractor who does not rely on casual labor for his staffing needs. His crew members should be experienced, properly trained and skilled at their jobs.

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Alpha Paving has earned the respect and loyalty of numerous municipalities and counties in Austin and Central Texas. We have the experience, crew, and equipment to ensure that your project exceeds your expectations. Our services include asphalt and concrete paving installation, road construction, concrete and asphalt repairs, street maintenance, road markings, parking lot striping, asphalt sealing and many more pavement-related procedures. In addition to municipalities, we frequently provide our services to airports, shopping malls, hotels, schools, churches, retailers, apartment complexes, subdivisions, HOAs, restaurants, office parks and retail stores. If you have questions about Municipal Paving Practices or would like for us to give you a quote on your next project, you can submit the online form or call our office at (512) 677-9001.

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