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National Instruments Corp.

Since its founding in 1976, National Instruments Corp. has become a global enterprise with offices in Austin, TX and 40 countries. As a leading supplier of technology solutions to scientists and engineers in virtually every industry, the company understands the benefits of remaining current on the latest techniques, products and technologies as well as the need to provide exceptional customer service. Therefore, when they needed a large project handled, National Instruments chose Alpha Paving Industries.

National Instruments Corp. | Austin, TX – What We Did

The scope of the project required that the work be completed in phases. We provided the customer with a digital plan that could be shared to keep everyone informed of the when the work would be performed in the different areas. This helped minimize the disruption and enhanced the safety of visitors as well as our work crews.

• We repaired approximately 2,924 square feet of 2-inch asphalt pavement in seven different areas and repaired more than 3,000 square feet of 3-inch asphalt pavement in five areas of the drive lane.
• We sandblasted 1,800 linear feet of fire curbs to remove the existing markings and prepare them for new paint.
• We cleaned the pavement thoroughly with brooms and power blowers to ensure that the pavement was ready for sealcoating.
• For sealcoating, we chose Jennite AE, a premium sealant approved for use in Austin; we are a Jennite AE approved contractor verified by Neyra. The preparation of the mix and the rate of application were in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. We applied two coats; one was a heavy squeegee coat and the other was a heavy spray coat. Although the sealcoating carries a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty, we extended the warranty to provide the client with a full 2-year warranty period.
• We applied pavement markings in two garages, including the parking stalls, ADA crosswalks, fire lane, traffic arrows and speed bumps.
• In addition to the garages, we restriped parking areas and drive lanes per the existing layout. This included the parking spaces, crosswalks, speed bumps, traffic arrows and fire lanes.

All phases of the project were completed on July 16, 2017. As always, we took great care to ensure that the customer’s employees and visitors would experience minimal inconvenience, protect the customer’s property and provide the superior customer service for which we are known.

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