Parking Lot Catch Basins Repair

Parking Lot Catch Basins Repair. asphalt paving georgetown txRegardless of who uses your parking lot, it is important that your pavement drains properly. When puddles form on your pavement, pedestrians and vehicles are often splashed by passing traffic. Deep potholes may be concealed, increasing the likelihood that a pedestrian will twist an ankle or trip and fall. Standing water also has more time to penetrate beneath the pavement and erode the supporting foundation, a problem that is exacerbated by the freeze/thaw cycle. Having your catch basins professionally repaired can help you ensure that your parking lot has adequate drainage.

Parking Lot Catch Basins Repair – An Important Repair

Catch basins are an important part of your storm drains. The actual drains are sloped to carry water to the sewer or connecting pipes. Catch basins are the “bowls” that lie beneath a grill or parallel bars to collect drainage and guide it to the storm sewers.

What Can Go Wrong with Catch Basins?

Leaves, small pieces of trash and other debris that enter through the grill can settle to the bottom of the catch basin. This can block the drain pipes, allowing water to overflow onto your pavement or penetrate beneath the edges of the pavement surrounding the catch basin. Water penetration can erode the pavement’s foundation, often leading to alligator cracking, severe potholes and costly repairs.

If the trapped water freezes, the expanding ice can damage the mortar around the catch basin’s frame. This can allow the grill and frame to move out of position or lead to the creation of a sinkhole.

Issues with catch basins are sometimes caused by improper installation. If there are not enough catch basins or if they are improperly installed, they can fail in relatively little time. Another problem with catch basins can be caused by pavement that has been installed with the wrong slope or with improper leveling.

What Remedies Are Available?

The type of procedure that you will need to restore your catch basins to functionality depends on the cause of your problem.

• If the problem is slow drainage, it may be that the drains are clogged. A thorough cleaning may be all that is required.
• If the catch basin has sunken or collapsed, it may be necessary to rebuild the catch basin completely.
• Small cracks, broken pavement or broken grills can normally be repaired quickly and economically.
• Serious damage to the surrounding pavement may require the removal and replacement of the affected pavement. Resurfacing and repaving are options if the damage is extensive.
• Milling may be a solution if the problem is related to the slope of the pavement.

If repairs are needed, it is important to have them performed as soon as possible. The damage to your pavement will continue to worsen, resulting in more expensive repairs and greater disruption to your traffic. Regular inspections of your parking lot’s catch basins can help you identify problems as soon as they develop.

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