Why Missing or Improper Signage Can Be a Parking Lot Safety Issue

Why Missing or Improper Signage Can Be a Parking Lot Safety IssueWhenever you drive, bike, or walk through your town, you probably notice that there are a great many signs along your path. Some only provide routine information, but many others are there to warn you that you could encounter a potentially dangerous situation ahead. There are also stop signs, yield signs, one-way signs, and other signs for controlling the flow of traffic. The responsibility for ensuring proper signage generally rests with the party responsible for designing, building, and maintaining the pavement. If the pavement is a public thoroughfare, the responsible party could be a municipality, county, or state. If the pavement is a parking lot that a private party owns, the parking lot paving contractor will typically handle the initial installation. After that, the property owner or manager will need to ensure that signage is sufficient to help make the parking lot a safer place.

Why Missing or Improper Signage Can Be a Parking Lot Safety Issue

What Might Happen in a Parking Lot Without Signs?

Imagine driving into an asphalt Austin TX parking lot that is a dark, blank canvas. No one installed signs, lot striping, pavement markings, or curb paint. Several questions may arise in the minds of drivers. Where are the parking spaces? What is the angle of the spaces? Are the traffic aisles one-way or two-way travel? Where are the no-parking areas? Where are the accessible spaces? If another car approaches, which driver should yield? Where are the exits?

Perhaps the best term to describe the scenario of a parking lot without signs is chaos. Drivers will park wherever and however they want, possibly blocking access to trucks making deliveries or emptying dumpsters. They may speed through the parking lot, endangering pedestrians, as well as other motorists. If the parking lot serves multiple buildings or companies, they may become distracted while searching for the building or company they want.

What Signs Should I Install in My Parking Lot?

Since there is a great deal of variance between parking lots, you should consult an experienced and reputable asphalt maintenance contractor to evaluate the type and location of signs that you need. In general, you want to make sure that your contractor provides you with signs that are visible and easily understood. Depending on your specific needs, an asphalt paving company may recommend any or all of the following.

1. The Americans with Disabilities Act defines the type and placement of signs denoting accessible parking spaces. Furthermore, the ADA requires additional signage to identify van-accessible spaces.
2. Stop signs are generally mandatory where the exits of your parking lot intersect public streets. You may also need stop signs just before crosswalks or at the intersection of some of your traffic aisles.
3. Yield signs can help control traffic if there is insufficient justification for a stop sign.
4. Speed limit signs help keep drivers from racing through your parking lot.
5. You might want to install signs cautioning drivers of upcoming speed bumps, stop signs, or pedestrian crossings.
6. You may need signs to identify fire lanes, loading zones, and other no-parking areas.
7. If you have a massive parking lot, you may need signs directing drivers to different sections, buildings, or offices. You may also need signs to identify the sections or the rows within each section.

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