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parking lot striping austin, tx

parking lot striping austin, txYour parking lot is an important asset. It is often the basis for the first impression that people form about you and the quality of the business you represent. One way to help ensure that your parking lot makes the type of impression that you want is to make sure that parking spaces and other pavement markings are highly visible and properly located. However, what many business owners and property managers overlook is that professional striping can provide financial benefits.

Reduce Potential Liabilities

When crosswalks, traffic flow patterns and parking spaces are not clearly defined, drivers and pedestrians are at risk. Should someone be injured on your property through your negligence, you could be held liable. If your parking lot is not ADA-compliant, you could face fines or even lawsuits.

Utilize Space Efficiently

If there are no stripes to guide them, drivers tend to park wherever and however they want. They will often leave an excessive distance between their vehicles and those that are already parked. This means that your lot will not accommodate as many vehicles as it could if it were properly striped. Furthermore, proper markings help ensure that drivers do not block fire lanes, loading docks and driveways when they park their vehicles.

Build Better Relationships

Whether you manage an apartment complex, a retail location or a commercial building, you want to stay on good terms with your tenants. A poorly marked parking lot striping increases the likelihood that cars parked in your lot will suffer door dents or other types of body damage. If you are a retailer, your customers could be so annoyed by the damage their cars receive that they begin shopping elsewhere. As a leasing agent, you could discover that tenants are moving rather than renewing their leases. Regardless of the type of property you manage, clearly defined handicapped spaces can help you attract those who have mobility challenges and assure them that you value their business. A well-marked parking lot helps encourage positive feelings and prevent hard feelings that could affect your bottom line.

Attract More Business

Curb appeal is determined by how attractive the exterior of a property appears when people drive by it or first approach it. Whether they are looking for a store to patronize or a new residence, people tend to prefer properties that have good curb appeal. Your parking lot is an important part of your property’s curb appeal. It is your chance to make a favorable first impression that creates a perception that you are a caring, reliable professional. Clearly defined parking spaces and legible pavement markings help generate the type of impression that can encourage tenants or customers to choose you rather than your competition.

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