Parking Lot Striping – Your First Impression?

Striping and other parking lot markings play an essential part in the day-to-day operations of any business. Without them, a parking lot would be a chaotic and unsafe environment for drivers and pedestrians. Some of the things that the different parking lot markings tell drivers include where to park, where not to park, in which direction to drive, and how fast to drive. Well-marked parking lots are safer for all who use them, but they also make things more convenient for customers, vendors, and employees. Ensuring that your parking lot receives fresh markings as part of an ongoing asphalt maintenance program can help you keep everyone safer and happier. If you are wondering whether it is time to repaint your parking lot, let your answers to the following questions guide you.

Parking Lot Striping – Your First Impression?

Can Drivers and Pedestrians See the Markings?

All stripes and pavement markings should always be clear and visible. Pretend that you are visiting your parking lot for the first time. Take a look at the visibility of your parking lot markings during the day and at night under both wet and dry conditions. Even if it is a rainy night, you should not have to struggle to see the lines and markings. If you do, it is time to repaint.

When Did You Last Refresh Your Parking Lot Markings and Stripes?

Fading and deterioration will occur over time, but the life of your parking lot paint depends on the amount of traffic your lot receives, the type of paint your contractor uses, and the weather your parking lot endures from season to season. On some lots, the paint may only last for a year, but most parking lots only require new markings every two or three years. Although paint is the most popular choice for striping, thermoplastic line striping can deliver longer life and desirable results. However, not all striping contractors have the equipment and training to apply thermoplastic markings, so make sure that you check the contractor’s references.

Do You Need a New Design for Your Parking Lot?

At some point, you may realize that a new design for your parking lot is in order. Perhaps you need to increase the number of parking spaces to make it easier for people to find an empty spot. Maybe you have noticed that fender-benders have become much more common. Changing the layout might increase efficiency and reduce problems for drivers.

How Are Drivers Behaving?

There will always be drivers who park in handicapped spaces without a proper tag, take up parts of two spaces, park in the wrong direction, cut across parking spaces instead of using the traffic lane, or drive the wrong way down a one-way traffic aisle. However, if you notice that these types of behavior are increasing, the problem could be that your stripes, stencils, and markings are too faint for drivers to recognize.

Does Your Asphalt Have Surface Damage?

New striping material will not properly adhere to damaged asphalt pavement. If you have been lax about your asphalt maintenance, you may need to repair and sealcoat your pavement before striping. If the top layer is crumbling, you might need an overlay; any paint that you apply to a crumbling surface will not have sufficient visibility, and a few vehicles can remove the markings altogether.

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