Paving, Property Management & ROI

Paving, Property Management & ROI, asphalt paving austin txProperty managers have to deal with a variety issues. They are responsible for attracting new tenants, making sure that current tenants are happy, maintaining the property’s curb appeal, ensuring that damages are repaired promptly and handling many other tasks. Since they are also restricted by a budget, they must prioritize expenditures to those that are the most important and that will provide the best return on the investment. One area of spending that can help satisfy all of these requirements is the professional maintenance of the parking lot. Alpha Paving Industries understands that Paving, Property Management & ROI are critical.

Paving, Property Management & ROI – The Challenge

Attracting New Tenants

Whether you are trying to attract new tenants to an apartment complex, an office park or a shopping center, the property’s curb appeal can exert a significant influence on the decision to sign the lease. One of the first things that potential tenants will see when they arrive at your property is the condition of the parking lot. If it is well-maintained, attractive and safe, it generates the perception that you will take steps to ensure that the interior spaces are equally appealing. If the parking lot features faded asphalt, potholes and worn markings, potential tenants may wonder whether you will take care of HVAC outages, electrical issues or other issues.

Retaining Current Tenants

Property managers want to keep current tenants happy enough that they will keep renewing their leases. If tenants, their visitors or their customers must contend with potholes, uneven pavement or cracks that could cause damage to their vehicles or cause pedestrians to trip and fall, your tenants may be inclined to start looking for other options.

Curb Appeal and Property Value

Curb appeal is not just necessary for pleasing current and potential tenants. A property without curb appeal can have a lower property value. Although your parking lot is just part of your property’s curb appeal, it is an important part. Studies have shown that a property with a parking lot in excellent condition can have a value of at least 5 percent more than a comparable property with a parking lot in poor condition. If you are looking to attract investors or sell your property, you should ensure that your parking lot is in great condition.

Maximizing Your Return on Investment

Although asphalt pavement is economical, a parking lot still represents a significant investment. Naturally, you want to achieve the best return possible. With professional repair and maintenance, you can prolong the useful life of your pavement. Neglected pavement can fail in less than 10 years, but many pavements last more than 20 years if they are properly maintained. Essential maintenance services include crack filling, pothole repairs and sealcoating. All of these services are surprisingly affordable, especially when weighed against the alternative. For pavements that need more help, an asphalt overlay may be an economical way to make your pavement look and perform like new without the expense of a complete rebuild.

Why the Contractor Matters

Quality asphalt pavement relies on the skills of the contractor as well as his crew. Whether you need new construction, repairs, sealcoating or pavement markings, you need to hire a reputable, experienced contractor to ensure long-lasting, attractive results.

Alpha Paving specializes in asphalt paving in Austin, Tx.  We have the expertise to handle all of your paving needs. Our crews are highly trained and experienced, committed to quality work and devoted to customer satisfaction. We provide asphalt paving, parking lot maintenance, sealcoating, crack filling, asphalt repairs, asphalt overlays, parking lot markings, concrete repairs and many other related procedures. Our customers include property managers, major retail chains, apartment complexes, shopping centers, office parks, airports, hotels, restaurants, educational facilities, HOAs, industrial facilities and municipalities. For a free quote, call us at (512) 677-9001 or complete the online form.

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