What Causes Potholes?

What Causes Potholes? asphalt paving austin txFor all its toughness, asphalt is a porous material. That means water will penetrate the surface over time, as will automobile fluids like oil and gas. This weakens the asphalt, and can begin to loosen, or cause “raveling” in the asphalt surface. As the surface of pavement begins to come “unglued” cracks can begin to form and allow water into the structure.

Once this damage starts, the asphalt pavement will only get weaker around these areas. If the cracks aren’t repaired at the first sign of their appearance, sooner or later they will develop into a pothole and require pothole repair.

Pothole repair usually requires removal of the damaged areas and the installation of asphalt inlays, or large rectangular patches made of new asphalt. We offer pothole repair in Austin and the surrounding areas.

With regular, inexpensive maintenance asphalt potholes can be avoided. Alpha Industries are specialist at asphalt maintenance and can help you greatly extend the life of your pavement.

Sometimes, however, asphalt pavement is not constructed properly and pothole repair is unavoidable. Alpha can also help you get to the bottom of these unsightly and dangerous issues ina timely and efficient manner.

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