What Does a Properly Maintained Parking Lot Look Like?

Why Additives Are Beneficial for the Sealcoating Contractor and the Customer

What Does a Properly Maintained Parking Lot Look Like?, asphalt sealcoating austin tx What Does a Properly Maintained Parking Lot Look Like? The initial investment for an asphalt pavement parking lot can be substantial. To secure your investment and maximize its potential, you should adhere to an ongoing paving maintenance program. A neglected parking lot creates an unsightly and uninviting environment for potential customers. Maintaining your parking lot will keep it in a visually appealing condition that assures patrons that you appreciate their business and care about their safety while they are on your property.

What Does a Properly Maintained Parking Lot Look Like?

When Do I Start My Parking Lot Maintenance?

As soon as your asphalt contractor installs your pavement, it will begin to be affected by the environment around it. The sun’s damaging UV rays will begin the process of deteriorating the binding properties of the asphalt material within the pavement. If neglected, the asphalt surface will become gray and will develop cracks that will lead to internal damage. Therefore, your maintenance program should begin no later than 12 months after the installation of your new pavement.

How Do I Prevent the Aging of My Asphalt Parking Lot?

Your asphalt contractor will recommend that you have your asphalt pavement sealed at least every two to three years. For new asphalt pavement, the first sealcoating application should occur as soon as the curing process is complete. Sealcoating will protect the surface of the asphalt pavement and help prevent the formation of cracks. Asphalt companies recommend filling any substantial cracks before sealcoating. For reliable results, you should consider only professional sealcoating contractors with verifiable references attesting to their proven work performance.

What Other Preventive Maintenance Measures Should I Consider for My Asphalt Parking Lot?

Periodic visual inspections should be a routine part of any preventive maintenance program. Pay special attention to the asphalt surface after the rain has occurred. If you notice any standing water on the surface of your parking lot, you should bring it to the attention of your Austin paving company.

Do not allow vegetation to grow from the surface of the asphalt structure. Weeds and other plants can cause substantial damage to the asphalt surface and easily allow for the infiltration of moisture into the interior of the asphalt pavement.

Inspect drainage outlets often to ensure that they are adequately eliminating excess water from rain or sprinkler systems.

Vehicle fluids on the surface of the asphalt will quickly infiltrate into the interior surface of the asphalt material and begin a process of deterioration. Remove any oil and chemical spills as soon as possible to minimize any potential damage that may occur.

Keep the asphalt surface as clean as possible by removing any accumulation of trash and other debris. Standing debris will allow moisture to accumulate and cause eventual infiltration into the asphalt surface.

Pay attention to the line stripping and other painted surfaces of the asphalt surface. Well-defined parking spaces and driving directions allow for easier maneuvering and improve the safety and convenience of your customers.

Can Alpha Paving Assist With My Parking Lot Maintenance?

Parking lot maintenance is just one of the many paving services that Alpha Paving offers. Our asphalt services include crack repairs, asphalt sealcoating, milling, overlays, patching, paving, and pothole repairs. We also offer thermoplastic pavement markings, parking lot striping, street maintenance, traffic signs, concrete work, road construction, and speed bump installation. Our clients include airports, subdivisions, municipalities, homeowner associations, educational facilities, retailers, health care facilities, religious institutions, hotels, restaurants, apartment complexes, and office parks. Our dedication to superior craftsmanship and exemplary customer service is the foundation for our impeccable reputation. To request a free quote, call our office at 512-677-9001 or submit the handy online form.

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