How Property Managers Can Budget Asphalt Paving and Maintenance

How Property Managers Can Budget Asphalt Paving and MaintenanceAbout this time of the year, property managers are typically working on their budgets for the coming year. One area that many people have difficulty budgeting for is their asphalt-related needs. Questions that often arise are, “What asphalt services will I need?” and “Are these services going to be essential next year?” The following tips can help you evaluate your needs and plan a more accurate budget.

How Property Managers Can Budget Asphalt Paving and Maintenance

A good starting point is to walk around your pavement and take careful notes of its condition.

• Is the asphalt faded? If so, having it sealcoated can restore its rich, black luster.
• Are the pavement markings worn? Fresh paint can improve your asphalt’s appearance, but it can also make your area safer for both drivers and pedestrians.
• Is the pavement stained? Puddles of oil, gas or other automotive fluids can penetrate your sealcoating and damage your asphalt. You might consider having the stains professionally removed.
• Are there potholes? Potholes provide easy access for water to reach the foundation that supports your pavement. An eroded foundation can result in a large-scale failure of your asphalt. In addition, potholes can pose a hazard to pedestrians and damage vehicles.
• Are there any cracks that are larger than 0.25 inch? Like potholes, cracks provide a way for water to penetrate beneath the pavement and erode the foundation, so you will want to have these filled.
• How long has it been since you had your pavement sealcoated? Depending on usage, you may need to have sealcoating reapplied annually, every five years or any interval in between.

Collect Estimates

Once you have an idea of what your pavement needs, you can secure estimates on the work to establish your budget. There are three ways to accomplish this.

• Present two or more asphalt contractors with a list of the work you want performed and secure quotes from each.
• Have at least two contractors join you in an inspection of your pavement. Ask them to reach an agreement on the work that needs to be performed and provide you with a list.
• Ask one contractor to work up a quote on all the work that you need performed. Use this quote to secure estimates from additional contractors.

Consider having potholes and large cracks filled before the first of the year if you can. Cold weather can make the damages worse, leaving you with a larger repair bill next year.

If you need help determining the work you will need next year, Alpha Paving Industries can help. We have more than three decades of industry experience and provide a full range of asphalt-related services to clients throughout much of Central Texas, including Austin. Whether you need sealcoating, asphalt paving, parking lot striping, crack filling or any other asphalt service, our crews can furnish you with exceptional results at competitive rates. Send us your information by using our online form, or call our office at (512) 677-9001.

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