Questions For Sealcoating Contractors

Questions For Sealcoating Contractors, sealcoating austin tx, seal coatWhen it comes to protecting and beautifying asphalt pavement, nothing beats sealcoating for effectiveness and low cost. Sealcoating restores faded color, covers minor flaws, blocks harmful UV radiation and delays the penetration of automotive fluids that can break down asphalt pavement. However, unless sealcoating is properly applied, none of these benefits will be realized. Questions For Sealcoating is important to ensure you choose a sealcoating professional that you can trust. The answers to the following questions can help you determine whether the sealcoating contractor you are considering is the right person for your job.

Questions For Sealcoating Contractors – Ask Whether He Is Fully Insured

For your own protection, you want a contractor who is fully insured. All of his employees should be covered by his workers’ compensation insurance so that you will not potentially be held liable if one of his workers is injured while working on your property. He should have general liability insurance in case he or his employees damage your property or the vehicles belonging to your employees and customers. All of the contractor’s vehicles should be insured as well.

Ask for References

Trustworthy, experienced sealcoating contractors can provide you with references from satisfied customers as well as before-and-after pictures. Look for jobs that are similar in scope to your own. Pay special attention to any repeat customers and their testimonials. Take the time to contact the contractor’s former customers to verify whether they were truly happy with his work.

Ask About Experience

Ask the contractor how long he has been in the sealcoating business. However, since the contractor is not likely to be the one performing the actual work, you should also ask about the experience and training of his employees.

Ask About Affiliations

Reputable contractors are usually members of various professional associations. Ask which organizations the contractor has joined. Ask him about his rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Ask About Application Method

Sealcoating can be applied manually or with a sprayer. Sometimes, both methods will need to be used. For example, it may be necessary to apply the sealant by hand in areas of a parking lot that are not easily accessible and then use a sprayer for the rest of the pavement. Each method has its proper place, but manual application of sealcoating can take an excessive length of time on large areas. However, a sprayer may not be the best choice for a small residential driveway. The contractor should be able to explain the advantages of his preferred method or methods.

Ask About Crack Repairs

Sealcoating is not a substitute for crack filling. Asphalt crack sealing must be repaired before the sealant is applied. The best method is to use a hot-mix fill material. In the winter, cold-pour material may be used, but this is not the ideal solution; cold-pour will shrink and leave the crack open to the elements. The contractor should tell you that the cold-pour method is a temporary fix. If the contractor plans to use cold-pour during summer months or tells you that there is no need to repair cracks first, look for another contractor.

Ask for an Itemized Bid

Trustworthy contractors provide transparent bids and contracts. Many unscrupulous contractors will only offer a flat bid that does not detail the type of material, the scope of the work or other pertinent facts.

Ask About the Mix

Some unscrupulous sealcoating contractors do not prepare the sealcoating mix appropriately. For example, water should not account for more than 40 percent of the mix. Sand should be included to enhance durability, reduce glare and improve skid resistance. Mix recipes are not secrets that contractors must keep from their customers. If the contractor cannot or will not tell you what is in their mix, keep looking.

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