When Should We Re-Stripe our Parking Lot?

When Should We Re-Stripe our Parking Lot?, alpha paving When customers approach, the upkeep of the building’s exterior is a reflection of your customer service and the way you handle business. Your clients want to do business with a company that looks clean, appears inviting, and cares about their safety. Restriping your parking lot annually or every 18 months is an economical way to spruce up your parking lot, enhance the safety of your customers, and comply with ADA requirements. Restriping your asphalt may even save you money by reducing accidents, maximizing parking, and enhancing the ease of safely navigating your parking lot. Additionally, restriping helps keep fire lanes and handicap parking areas clearly visible.

Reasons Your Asphalt Stripes May Deteriorate

Many factors influence the durability of your asphalt striping. The amount of parking lot traffic, exposure to harsh weather conditions, and paint quality can impact the length of time your asphalt lines last.

Alpha Paving Industries Restriping Services

Alpha Paving Industries, an award-winning company serving Austin, Texas and the surrounding areas, uses professionals who are clean, reliable, and knowledgeable about the parking needs of your business. We can restripe existing asphalt, provide new seal coat and restripe, or help you design a new layout that enhances your parking lot and complies with appropriate codes. We stand behind all of our restriping and use quality paint. Additionally, we can provide reflective line markings, if desired.

When you need parking lot restriping, Alpha Paving Industries makes the process hassle free and convenient. Let our experts recommend the appropriate time to restripe your lot. Additionally, our professionals can apply striping after business hours. Get the convenience of asphalt restriping that does not interfere with your day-to-day operations.

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