Rock House | Asphalt Paving | Georgetown, TX

Rock House is an organization devoted to providing assisted living and related services to clients with developmental disabilities. At the organization’s location in Georgetown, the parking lot had some large potholes and cracks. The damage to the parking lot was unsightly, but since many of their clients have mobility issues, the damaged parking lot also posed a safety issue. Rock House turned to Alpha Paving for help to refurbish their parking lot.

Rock House | Asphalt Paving | Georgetown, TX

What Work Did Alpha Paving Perform at Rock House?

After evaluating the condition of the existing parking lot, Alpha and Rock House decided that the most cost-effective method was to install an asphalt overlay. An overlay installation, which is sometimes called resurfacing, places an additional course of asphalt over the existing pavement. For Rock House, we installed approximately two inches of asphalt over the parking lot, which measured 9,500 square feet. We were able to complete the project in one day in November 2018. We were pleased to have had the opportunity to provide our services to Rock House to make the parking lot safer and more pleasant for the residents, visitors, and staff members.

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