Round Rock ISD | Hernandez Middle School | Round Rock, TX

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The Round Rock Independent School District was established in 1913, but the student population grew slowly for several decades. In 1930, there were only 214 students, increasing to 654 in 1950. Enrollment did not exceed 1,000 until 1960. Today, the Round Rock ISD serves more than 50,000 students and encompasses 55 campuses. One of these campuses is the Hernandez Middle School. Built in 1996 and originally named the Hopewell Middle School, the school was renamed in 2009 in honor of Robert Hernandez, the only casualty of the Vietnam War from Round Rock. We have performed work for the school district in the past, so when paving services were needed at the Hernandez Middle School, we were asked to submit a quote. Our quote was accepted, and we completed the project in March 2020.

Round Rock ISD | Hernandez Middle School | Round Rock, TX

What Was the Paving Issue at the School?

Sections of the concrete sidewalks and paths had experienced vertical displacement. The uplifted sections posed tripping hazards, creating safety concerns for staff members and students.

What Work Did Alpha Perform at the Hernandez Middle School?

We removed and replaced 11 sections of concrete that totaled almost 2,100 square feet. The process began with saw cutting and demolishing the damaged sections. We removed the debris, performed the excavations, and prepared the subgrade. We then set the form boards, installed rebar, and poured 3,000 psi concrete. The surface was textured to match the broomed finish on the surrounding concrete.

What Other Services Does Alpha Paving Offer?

In addition to installing and repairing concrete, we offer a complete line of asphalt services, including resurfacing, new construction, sealcoating, crack repairs, patching, and milling. We also offer street maintenance, parking lot striping, thermoplastic markings, road construction, parking lot signs and car stops, and speed bump installation. Our customers in Central Texas include public and private schools, airports, apartment complexes, health care facilities, municipalities and counties, office parks, shopping centers, restaurants, recreational facilities, hotels, industrial facilities, property management firms, and religious institutions. We have built an exemplary reputation by consistently delivering work of the highest quality and exceptional customer service at reasonable prices. For a free quote, you can either complete the request form online or call 512-677-9001.

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