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The Round Rock Independent School District can trace its beginnings to 1913. Despite consolidating several smaller districts in the 1940s, the student population did not exceed 1,000 until 1960. Today, the RRISD has more than 50,000 students attending school at 55 campuses. The school district is committed to developing well-rounded graduates who are properly prepared for success in their endeavors after high school. At Alpha Paving, we are happy to count the RRISD among our repeat customers.

What Work Did Alpha Perform at the Stony Point High School in Round Rock?

Summer days in Central Texas can be hot enough if you are relaxing on your deck. For students in a marching band who are practicing on an asphalt pavement during August, the heat radiating from the pavement can lead to unbearable or even dangerous temperatures. SunShield Solar Reflective Coating can reduce pavement temperatures to make the area more comfortable for people, but it also helps prevent pavement damage that the sun can cause. Alpha Paving is currently the only contractor in Texas applying the SunShield product. Previously, we applied SunShield on two other pavements at schools in the RRISD, the band practice lot at Westwood High School, and a play court at Deerpark Middle School. Band directors regularly note a temperature difference of 15 degrees between surfaces treated with SunShield and those not treated with SunShield. Therefore, the school district asked us to apply SunShield to the band practice lot at Westwood High School. We completed the four-stage process on three consecutive days in August 2019.

1. A good bond is critical when applying any sealant, coating, or paint. Therefore, we began by cleaning the surface thoroughly, and we applied a prime coat to assist with the formation of a strong bond between the pavement and the coating.
2. We applied 1,700 gallons of SunShield, covering 62,422 square feet of pavement with two spray coats.
3. We applied football field striping in the exact manner that the University Interscholastic League and the National Collegiate Athletic Association specify. We used black striping to provide contrast.
4. We applied one spray coat of SunShield Clear Coat for color and stain protection. This required 750 gallons to cover 62,422 square feet.

During the project, we worked closely with the RRISD’s director of maintenance, David Hoedebeck, and director of bands, Thomas Tomczuk. Both were pleased with the project as well as our performance, project management, communication, scheduling, execution, and workmanship. We anticipate that the RRISD will ask us to repeat this work at the remaining high schools over the next two summers.

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