What is Sandblasting?

Sandblasting involves using compressed air to blast a surface with an abrasive medium… in this case, sand. This method can prove effective for quickly preparing a surface for repair, cleaning, or for new lot striping. Here are a few of the benefits and applications:

  • Easier than using chemicals or a wire brush to clean asphalt
  • Can also be used to remove paint from buildings as well as rust build up
  • The added roughness gives new paint or sealant a better grip on the asphalt

As more and more businesses have seen the effectiveness of sandblasting, the technique has also been applied using more abrasives such as small pieces of metal.


Alpha Paving specializes in sandblasting in order to prepare surfaces for repair, maintenance or new painting. Do not put this critical aspect of your business in the hands of just anyone. Contact Alpha,the Austin sandblasting specialists. Call us today at (512)801-5552 or fill out the FREE Job Quote form for a no obligation consultation.

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