Scuff Marks & New Sealcoating

Scuff Marks & New Sealcoating, austin paving sealcoating People purchasing asphalt or sealcoating are often concerned about scuff marks. Although scuffing marks the appearance of the asphalt, the marks will disappear over time. However, customers still want to know how to prevent scuff marks and why they occur.  Sealcoating in Austin, Tx and scuff marks is a common occurrence.

Scuff Marks & New Sealcoating – Weather

Weather affects the condition of the seal coating; extreme heat and humidity can soften the sealcoat. When the composite softens, it is easier to scuff.  Scuffing of newly laid asphalt material is inevitable, especially when the project is completed in the hot weather conditions that are so prominent during the summer. Be sure to apply sealcoating when the temperature is a minimum of 50 degrees because colder temperatures extend the time that the sealcoat needs to cure. Rain can also prolong the time that sealcoating takes to cure, and it can occasionally wash away newly applied sealcoat. When driving occurs on sealcoating that is not completely cured, the chance of creating scuff marks increases.

Scuff Marks & New Sealcoating – Vehicles and Traffic

Vehicles are all different sizes and weights. Large trucks can put pressure on asphalt that can make the condition of the asphalt easier to scuff. Additionally, the volume of traffic traveling on new sealcoating influences the probability that it will sustain scuff marks. Higher traffic volume can also lead to weaving and sudden breaking that will cause tires to create a mark by rubbing against the sealcoating.

Scuff Marks & New Sealcoating – Tips for Minimizing Scuff Marks

Vehicles can travel on asphalt shortly after it is applied. Nevertheless, careful driving will help avoid scuff marks. Additionally, arranging for new asphalt paving during a cool season will decrease the likelihood that new asphalt will become soft enough to incur scuff marks. Scheduling new sealcoating when the new pavement is less likely to have significant traffic can also reduce scuffing.

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