Sealcoating, Asphalt & Crack Repair | Bee Cave, TX

Sealcoating, Asphalt & Crack Repair | Bee Cave, TX

The Texas Hill Country is an extremely scenic part of the state, featuring interesting geology, diverse flora and an abundance of wildlife. In the heart of the Hill Country lies Bee Cave, a small town that traces its roots to the 1850s when Dietrich Bohls moved his family to the area from the “big city” of Austin, which had grown to 900 people. In April 2017, Alpha Paving had the pleasure of visiting Bee Cave to handle a project at a nearby ranch.

What the Project Involved

The ranch is a residential home nestled in a pristine area on the banks of the Colorado River. The asphalt work had to be completed under the supervision of the owner’s horticulturist and coordinated with other work that had been contracted.

Alpha Paving was hired to handle the repair and maintenance of the ranch’s 1.75-mile driveway. The total area of the driveway was approximately 125,000 square feet, making it larger than many parking lots found in Central Texas.

Materials and Procedures

The driveway needed to be repaired and maintained, including crack filling and miscellaneous repairs that had to be completed prior to sealcoating. We used the equivalent of 3 miles of crack filling material to complete the asphalt crack repairs. It was also necessary to make asphalt repairs in 18 different areas of the driveway.

Once the repairs had been completed, we could apply the sealcoating. We chose Neyra’s Jennite AE, a premium type of asphalt emulsion prized for its extremely durable formula, compatibility with new asphalt, high performance and environmentally friendly formulation. Only asphalt contractors who have been trained and licensed by Jennite are authorized to purchase and apply this asphalt emulsion. We applied two complete coats of sealcoating to add the perfect finishing touch to the driveway and provide the asphalt pavement with the protection it needs to achieve a long life.

Due to the complicated logistics involved, we mobilized three complete crews to ensure that the work was finished on schedule and to keep operations flowing smoothly. The work was completed in four days, well within the time that the client had requested.

The Secret to Successful Projects

In the asphalt industry, a successful project does not “just happen.” There are many details that must be addressed to ensure that the work is of the highest quality and is completed within budget and on time. Here are some of the elements that went into the success of this project.

• Detailed planning is essential for large projects. The planning for this project began when one of our experienced, professional estimators visited the site to evaluate the condition of the pavement as well as all other factors that could have impacted the job.
• The proper materials for the specific job had to be selected. From the material chosen for filling cracks to the sealcoating mix used, every item had to be selected with an eye to delivering the best results for the client.
• After identifying the equipment that would be needed, the next step was to ensure that the equipment was functioning properly, clean and maintained. Equipment that breaks down in the middle of a job can cause major problems, especially on jobs with tight deadlines.
• Plans had to be made to mobilize the employees and equipment. The idea was to have everyone and everything on the site as needed to avoid delays or unnecessary idling.
• Our experienced project managers served to keep the lines of communication open, ensure that all work is performed per specifications and verify the quality of the work. The project manager was the liaison between the client and the crew as well as between other contractors and the crew. Our project managers always focus on professional customer service.

At Alpha Paving, we know what it takes to handle even the most challenging asphalt projects. We deliver exceptional work at competitive rates to a variety of customers throughout Austin and Central Texas. We offer asphalt paving, road construction, asphalt repair, street maintenance, asphalt milling, pavement markings, concrete repair, asphalt crack filling, sealcoating and many other services. Our customers include national retail chains, municipalities, schools, restaurants, hotels, churches, airports, shopping centers, apartment complexes and office parks. If you would like to request a free quote, submit the online form or call (512) 677-9001.

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