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Spring Sealcoating | Austin, TX, seacoating austin txAsphalt pavement can give you many years of use if you make sure that it is properly maintained. Asphalt sealing is a critical part of asphalt maintenance; sealants help protect asphalt pavement from damage while simultaneously enhancing its appearance. However, many people are not aware that there are certain times of the year that offer ideal conditions for sealcoating.

Spring Sealcoating | Austin, TX – When Is the Perfect Time for Sealcoating?

The perfect season for asphalt coating in Central Texas is typically springtime. In this area, sealcoating can often be applied as early as March. However, weather conditions can be notoriously inconsistent, so while the middle of March might be ideal one year, it may be necessary to wait until April the following year.

Autumn can also be a good time for sealcoating. Most sealcoating professionals in the Austin area, however, end their sealcoating seasons around the middle of October.

Although sealcoating contractors are often busier during the summer months, summer is really not the perfect time to apply sealcoating. Experienced professionals can provide quality work during the summer, but most would prefer to handle sealcoating jobs during the spring and early summer.

Why Spring Is the Best Time to Apply Sealcoating

To understand why spring is the best time for sealcoating, it might be helpful to examine how sealcoating manufacturers define “ideal” conditions for their products.

• Ideally, the air temperature should be between 50 degrees and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
• The surface temperature should be at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
• Neither temperature should fall below 50 degrees during the first 24 hours following the application of the sealcoating.
• The ideal relative humidity is 50 percent.
• A light breeze is desirable, but strong winds can be a problem.
• There should be no rain predicted immediately before, during or within 24 hours of the application.

In Central Texas, the overnight lows typically become consistently above the 50-degree mark during March and remain there through the month of April. During these months, the relative humidity normally averages between 64 percent and 66 percent; although slightly above ideal, the humidity levels are usually lower during March and April than during any other month. March and April also see relatively little precipitation.

By May, however, the weather typically begins to change. The relative humidity in May averages more than 71 percent. Precipitation totals in May are often twice what they are in April, making it more difficult to schedule sealcoating jobs. Higher humidity levels and rainfall continue through June, but the summer temperatures can provide additional complications.

Why Weather Conditions Matter

If sealcoating is to do its job, it must be able to dry to a hard film. The drying process relies on evaporation; evaporation occurs slower in humid conditions. The rate of evaporation is also tied to the temperature; the cooler the temperature, the longer it will take for the sealant to lose its water content. However, when the temperature is extremely high, the top layer of the sealant may evaporate too quickly.

Although experienced contractors frequently apply sealcoating successfully under less-than-ideal conditions, most of them prefer to perform sealcoating jobs when conditions are as close as possible to what the sealant manufacturer recommends. This helps them ensure that their customers receive attractive, durable results.

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