Standing Water & Your Asphalt Parking Lot

Standing Water & Your Asphalt Parking Lot, asphalt paving company txAsphalt is known for its waterproofing abilities, so many people are surprised to learn that water is the most formidable enemy of an asphalt parking lot. The primary issue is that water can penetrate to the pavement’s foundation and erode it. If this happens, the integrity of the pavement can be compromised, resulting in costly repairs. If you notice puddles of water lingering on your pavement after a storm, you should consult a reputable contractor to help you identify the cause of the standing water. Puddles are normally the result of one of the following issues.

Standing Water & Your Asphalt Parking Lot  – Here’s Why

Improper Drainage

When installing asphalt pavement, contractors pay special attention to the grade and slope of the site to ensure that water will flow freely from the surface. Catch basins and drains may need to be installed to correct problems caused by issues with the pavement’s slope. If drains and catch basins already exist, they may have become clogged, allowing water to back up onto the pavement and collect in puddles.

Ruts in the Pavement

Your parking lot was engineered to support vehicles with weights in a specific range. Heavy equipment or trucks traveling across your parking lot can leave ruts, especially during the heat of summer. Ruts can also result from leaving heavy vehicles parked in the same position for an extended period.

Uneven or Improper Compaction

Your pavement relies on a properly compacted foundation for its ability to flex under loads without sagging. If the foundation was not properly compacted when the pavement was installed, depressions can form that allow water to collect. Unstable soil that shifts after installation can also affect the compaction of the base, resulting in depressions.

Dealing with Puddles

Corrective actions depend on what is causing water to pool on the surface. Patching, milling and replacing damaged areas are all possible solutions to some issues. Catch basins or drains may need to be professionally cleaned, or you may need to have trench drains installed.

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