Why Surface Prep Is Key in Asphalt Striping

Why Surface Prep Is Key in Asphalt Striping, parking lot striping austin txIf you have ever varnished a piece of furniture, painted your house or installed new tile on a floor, you probably expended a great deal of effort to prepare the surface properly. For projects like these to be successful, a strong bond must form between the underlying surface and the material applied to the surface. The same attention to surface preparation is necessary for the success of pavement marking jobs.

Why Surface Prep Is Key in Asphalt Striping

Why Is Surface Preparation Critical for Parking Lot and Road Striping?

Many parking lot striping contractors consider surface preparation the most time-consuming part of the job. However, unless they take the time to prepare the surface properly, the markings will not last. The tires on vehicles can break the bond between the markings and the asphalt with relative ease, especially in turning lanes and areas where vehicles frequently brake and accelerate. Even in low-traffic areas, the markings can quickly flake, crack or peel.

Does the Type of Pavement Affect the Bonding Process?

As a general rule, the more porous a surface is, the stronger the bond will be. Even traditional asphalt is more porous than concrete, and new types of permeable asphalt are more porous than conventional hot mix. Thermoplastic line striping and pavement markings tend to form a stronger bond if the surface is asphalt than if it is concrete. However, experienced contractors know how to prepare every type of surface to maximize the bonding qualities of every type of material.

How Do Asphalt Contractors Prepare a Surface for New Markings?

Typical preparations appear on the following list, but keep in mind that asphalt contractors may alter the order of some steps. Also, some steps are unnecessary if the pavement is new or in pristine condition.

1. If there are existing pavement markings, the contractor will remove them. This is important if the paint was used for the existing markings, but it is even more critical if they are thermoplastic pavement markings. Old road striping markings of any type can interfere with the adherence of the new markings.
2. The contractor will clean the pavement to remove any grease, oils, compacted dirt, surface tire marks, vegetation, and debris.
3. If the pavement has cracks, potholes or other types of damage, the contractor will usually make the necessary repairs.
4. If the customer wants sealcoating, the contractor will apply the sealant before applying the pavement markings.
5. If asphalt sealcoating is not part of the job, it may be necessary for the contractor to perform surface smoothing. Smoothing can help eliminate surface irregularities that could prevent the formation of a strong bond.

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