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Some of the projects we handle at Alpha Paving only require one or two services. However, other projects allow us to showcase our expertise in a variety of procedures. This was the case when Rose Paving, one of our national partners, asked us to handle a project for the Walgreens on McNeil Drive in Austin.

Who Is Rose Paving?

Rose Paving is the largest provider of parking lot services in the country. The company, which has been in business for more than 40 years, has offices across the United States and Canada. Their national sales team focuses on clients with multiple properties, including Walgreens and other national retail chains.

Who Is Walgreens?

In 1901, Charles Walgreen opened a small store in Chicago. Less than two decades later, 20 stores were operating under the Walgreens banner. Today, there are more than 9,000 stores in the chain. The project we handled was for store #5159.

What Did the Project Involve?

The project involved seven distinct services. The first was to repair six areas of pavement. The repairs totaled 1,831 square feet of pavement. Type D asphalt was chosen, and the repairs required 25 tons of asphalt. We used hot pour rubberized material to fill 1,750 linear feet of cracks. We installed five bollards to protect the Redbox kiosk and the propane cage from accidental or intentional vehicle crashes. We sealed more than 43,000 square feet of pavement with a premium sealant, Jennite AE®. We applied one squeegee coat and one spray coat, which required 1,730 gallons of sealant. Using the existing layout, we repainted all pavement markings and stripes, applying two coats to maximize visibility and longevity. As specified by the Americans with Disabilities Act, signs denoting accessible parking spaces must have a minimum height of 60 inches. We removed and replaced four signs, raising them to comply with the ADA. Lastly, there were four damaged car stops, and we handled that issue as well.

How Did the Walgreens Project Go for Alpha Paving?

As always, we handled the job professionally. We made sure that our crew members, all products, and all tools and equipment arrived on schedule. We completed the job on time, and there were no noteworthy issues. Our team members delivered the exceptional results for which they are well-known.

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