Why Asphalt Paths and Sidewalks Make Sense | Austin, TX

Why Asphalt Paths and Sidewalks Make Sense | Austin, TX, paving austinFor almost a century, many municipalities across the nation have chosen asphalt to pave their public sidewalks. In recent years, an increasing number of cities, homeowners associations and businesses have also started to select asphalt when they need to construct a side path, walking trail, bike trail or jogging track. From paths connecting buildings on campus to a walkway connecting the front and back yards of a single-family dwelling, asphalt pavement is appearing in new settings. In short, asphalt contractors are now installing their products on far more than streets and parking lots, leaving many people wondering why asphalt has become so popular for paths, trails, and walkways.

Why Asphalt Paths and Sidewalks Make Sense | Austin, TX

Why Is Asphalt Pavement the Logical Choice?

Before a business or municipality solicits a bid from a paving company, all aspects of a project must be examined. For example, if a city wants to build a bike path through a public park, it will be necessary to consider the cost of installation as well as the cost of upkeep. The degree to which the public’s enjoyment of the park will be affected during construction. The factors include the safety of the pavement, the environmental impact of the paving material chosen, the paving material’s suitability for ensuring compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and the potential impact that the project might have on tourism.

To help gather the information needed, a paving contractor and a concrete contractor may be contacted to offer some extremely rough estimates. Even at the very earliest stages, it quickly becomes evident that asphalt pavement is the logical choice.

• Asphalt pavement is far more economical to install than a comparable expanse of concrete pavement.
• Installing asphalt pavement is much faster, minimizing disruptions and allowing the area to be placed into use sooner.
• Asphalt pavement is economical.
• Because asphalt pavement is a continuous surface, there are no joints, making it safer for pedestrians, cyclists, and joggers. Furthermore, asphalt pavement has a smoother surface than concrete.
• Asphalt is environmentally friendly. More tons of asphalt pavement are recycled annually in the United States than any other material. Most of the new pavement installed by asphalt companies will contain recycled materials, reducing the demand for new petroleum and the energy required for its processing. Also, asphalt does not leach any toxic chemicals into the soil or groundwater.
• Asphalt pavement is extremely attractive. When first installed, it has a deep, lustrous color maintained through periodic sealcoating.
• The smooth, even surface makes asphalt pavement ideal for walkways or paths that need to meet ADA requirements.
• Asphalt is the ideal choice for a winding side path or scenic trail. Any competent asphalt company can install a trail or lane that curves around existing trees or follows the natural contours of the terrain.
• Due to its dark color, asphalt pavement is slower to ice over. Should icing occur, the ice will melt faster on asphalt pavement than on concrete pavement.
• Many municipalities, homeowners, and business owners report that asphalt sidewalks are easier to clean than concrete walkways. There are no joints to trap dirt and debris, and the smooth surface makes it easy to sweep up leaves, dirt, grass clippings or trash.

Who to Call for Asphalt Paving in Austin TX?

Alpha Paving is a full-service asphalt paving company serving Austin, TX and most locations in Central Texas. Our asphalt services include paving and overlays, road construction, milling, parking lot maintenance, sealcoating, pothole and asphalt repair, street maintenance and speed bump installation. We also offer concrete installation and repairs, parking lot striping and the installation of parking lot signs and car stops. Our extensive customer base includes municipalities and counties, airports, subdivisions, retailers, health care facilities, churches, HOAs, hotels, educational institutions, restaurants, shopping centers, industrial facilities, office parks, entertainment venues and apartment complexes. We are known for our professionalism, dependability, and integrity in delivering high-quality asphalt paving in Austin TX. You can request a free quote by calling our office at 512-677-9001 or completing the online form.

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