Asphalt Paving & Green Infrastructure

Asphalt Paving & Green Infrastructure, austin pavingAsphalt Paving & Green Infrastructure is a strategy that involves implementing construction plans that help protect the environment. In recent years, municipal, state and federal agencies have become increasingly supportive of green initiatives. Green construction techniques can help protect the wildlife in the area as well as the human population.

Asphalt Paving & Green Infrastructure – The Connection

Asphalt pavement is surprisingly eco-friendly; it does not leach harmful chemicals into the soil and is so safe that it is often used as a waterproof lining at fish hatcheries and reservoirs. The main problem with traditional asphalt pavement involves the runoff that occurs when it rains. The water is typically directed into storm drains and carried far away. The runoff may contain harmful chemicals, including corrosive automotive fluids or heavy metals. Sediment and nutrients can also be carried away. When introduced into streams, rivers and lakes, the sediments and chemicals can have a detrimental effect on fish as well as the animals feeding on them.

How Asphalt Pavement Can Support Green Infrastructure

One of the innovative ways that asphalt pavement can help support a green infrastructure is called porous asphalt. These pavements filter the water and allow it to percolate into the underlying soil, replenishing the water table. Because the water passes through several layers that trap pollutants, the water that is absorbed by the soil is cleaner and safer for the environment.

Green streets and parking lots are also becoming popular. These designs may utilize porous pavement for the entire expanse or in certain sections. The plans may include a variety of elements to help filter runoff.

• Bioswales are often used in and around parking lots or beside streets. They are essentially narrow, long areas that are mulched or vegetated, allowing runoff to be filtered and/or retained before the water is absorbed by the soil or moved along.
• Planter boxes are commonly integrated into street designs, but they are gaining in popularity for parking lots. Planter boxes are attractive, but they can also help to mitigate the “heat island” effect that is common in urban areas.
• The medians dividing streets or parking lots are often ideally suited for trees. However, attention must be given to the type of trees selected. Trees with extensive root systems can eventually damage pavement.
• Rain gardens are similar to bioswales, but rain gardens are typically installed in unpaved spaces and are usually shallower than bioswales. Virtually any type of vegetation can be used in a rain garden, including wildflowers or ground covers. The area could also be allowed to grow nothing but weeds. Rain gardens are normally used to collect runoff from sidewalks and streets.

Creating a green pavement requires the skill of a knowledgeable, experienced contractor. Every detail, including the materials used for the different courses and the drainage system, must be specifically chosen. Furthermore, the contractor must have the expertise to install the entire system correctly.

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