Leander, TX

As one of the state’s fastest-growing cities, Leander has witnessed dramatic increases in population since the year 2000. New subdivisions and new businesses have necessitated new streets and parking lots, and in many cases, asphalt pavement has been chosen for its speedy installation and repair, visual appeal and economy. At Alpha Paving, we help property owners in Leander with their asphalt-related needs. Our services include asphalt paving, sealcoating, parking lot markings and pavement repairs.

Leander, TX – The History

Although written records for Leander do not begin until approximately 1845, archaeological evidence has proven that humans were in the area for many thousands of years. The Leanderthal Lady, also nicknamed Leanne, is a skeleton that has been dated to somewhere between 10,000 and 13,000 years ago. Her burial site is one of the oldest and most intact ever found in America.

The earliest settlers, many of whom had received land grants for their service during the Texas Revolution, arrived in the Leander area about 1845. They named their community Bagdad, and by 1860, Bagdad was home to several businesses, a blacksmith shop and a post office. Most of the early settlers were farmers who grew their own food, built their own homes and made most of their clothing.

Around 1880, the Austin & Northwestern Railroad announced plans to route tracks through downtown Bagdad. The citizens opposed the plan, so officials changed the route so that the tracks would run about a mile east of Bagdad. The townspeople soon realized that their objections had been in error and that having their businesses closer to the tracks would be extremely beneficial. Businesses and homeowners began relocating.

After a survey of the area, the railroad sold lots and the town of Leander was born, named in honor of Leander Brown, who had been instrumental in completing the rail line.

For most of the 20th century, Leander remained a small town with an economy based primarily on agriculture. In 1980, the town had a population of fewer than 2,200 people. By 2010, the population had increased to more than 26,500, and 2015 estimates show a population of almost 38,000. Much of the growth has been fueled by the expansion of the Austin metropolitan area.

Leander Today

Residents of Leander have easy access to Austin, but they can find plenty of activities without leaving their own town. Many of the events are family friendly and free. For example, every spring, a kite festival is held at Devine Lake Park. The annual Leander Bluegrass Festival is another free event, and Movies in the Park lets families enjoy first-run movies at no cost.

Asphalt Paving in Leander

Rapidly growing towns need to expand their roadways to accommodate residents, workers and visitors. Leander continues to expand its transportation infrastructure with an eye to the future. Like numerous businesses, the city understands the value that asphalt pavement offers.

For those who are responsible for maintaining asphalt pavement in Leander, the professionals at Alpha Paving would like to offer a few helpful hints.

• Asphalt pavement that receives professional care can last two to three times longer than neglected pavement.
• When having new asphalt pavement installed, it is vital to select an experienced, reputable contractor. Proper installation is critical if you want your pavement to last.
• Asphalt milling can be used in a number of ways that can save time and money. For example, it can be used to recycle an existing road surface, correct issues such as rutting and shoving, improve the pavement’s ride quality or correct raveling.
• Sealcoating is one of the most effective and least costly ways to prolong the life of asphalt pavement. Sealants block harmful UV rays that can deteriorate asphalt pavement. They also make the pavement more attractive by smoothing out surface imperfections and refreshing the pavement’s color.
• Cracks should be filled promptly to prevent water from reaching the pavement’s supporting foundation. An eroded foundation can allow the pavement to subside, and without the foundation’s strength, the pavement loses its flexibility, resulting in extensive cracking and numerous potholes.
• Whether on public streets or parking lots, pavement markings enhance safety by reducing confusion and providing clear guidance. In parking lots, compliance with regulations such as the Americans with Disabilities Act can be essential. Clearly delineated parking spaces, curb markings that define no-parking zones and arrows indicating traffic patterns contribute to safety as well. In addition, crosswalks need to be clearly marked to ensure the safety of pedestrians.
• Oil and other automotive fluids can turn asphalt pavement soft, leading to the pavement’s premature demise. Sealcoating can slow this process, but it cannot prevent it. Automotive fluids should be removed once or twice each year to protect the health of the pavement.
• An asphalt overlay can sometimes extend the life of damaged pavement. If the foundation is relatively stable, many pavements can be rejuvenated by applying a layer of asphalt over the existing pavement, eliminating the need for removal of the entire pavement and saving a substantial amount of money.

Asphalt Services in Leander, TX

  • Asphalt Paving: Asphalt paving services include the construction of new roads and parking lots, the installation of speed bumps and the application of an asphalt overlay, which is a new layer of asphalt that is applied to existing pavement. The category also includes asphalt milling, a procedure that is often used to smooth transitions between different pavements, repair damage, adjust the pavement around manholes or level the pavement. Milling can also be used to correct drainage problems.  Learn more about Asphalt Paving and Asphalt Overlays.
  • Asphalt Repair: The most common asphalt repairs involve filling cracks or potholes in the pavement. Breaks in the pavement can allow water to seep beneath the pavement and damage the supporting foundation, resulting in costly repairs.  Learn more about Asphalt Repair.
  • Asphalt Sealcoating: Sealcoating is an important part of parking lot maintenance. Sealants protect against damage caused by UV rays and automotive fluids. Sealcoating also restores color to faded asphalt, enhancing the property’s curb appeal.  Learn more about Asphalt Sealcoating.
  • Concrete Work: Concrete remains a popular choice for sidewalks and curbs. In Leander, TX, there are also many driveways and parking lots that have been built with concrete. Concrete is also a popular choice for ramps and ADA improvements.  Learn more about Concrete.

Let Alpha Paving Help

Alpha Paving has the expertise you need to get the most out of your investment in asphalt pavement. Our customer base is extensive and includes national retail chains, hotels, shopping malls, schools, airports, subdivisions, restaurants, manufacturing facilities, apartment complexes, office buildings, county and city governments, commercial property managers, hospitals and grocery stores.

Alpha Paving Industries is an award-winning asphalt contractor with quality workmanship, superior customer service and competitive rates. In Leander, TX, our services include asphalt paving and asphalt overlays, sealcoating, road construction, street maintenance, concrete, parking lot maintenance, parking lot striping, asphalt repair, parking lot signs, asphalt milling, speed humps, parking lot car stops, power washing, sandblasting and ADA compliance.  Our concrete services include ADA concrete, concrete curbing, concrete driveways, concrete ramps, concrete parking lots, and concrete sidewalks. To receive a free quote, complete the online form or call (512) 677-9001.

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